Thursday, May 1, 2014

April Wrap Up and Giveaway

Eeep, one more month until I graduate. These first three years at uni have been tough, especially the last one. They wouldn't have been that hard if I wasn't blogging, but what can I say? I love it, so abandoning it? Nope, not gonna happen. You might have noticed my absence on my blog, commenting back and whatnot, but I have one month left to complete all my BA courses, finish my thesis and I have to work too so blogging had to stop for a while. No posts other than this one in May either. I have all the comments I need to "return the favor to, if you must" bookmarked so I'll do that when my thesis defence is done. Plus, you can always talk to me on twitter, because I'm still around there and I love talking to you all :) Anyhow, moving on to the wrap up..