I had a fairly easy rating system before on the scale of 1-5 and I did give half points like 3.5 etc. Then, during 2013 I found it harder and harder to compare books and rate them, so I developed a system with different aspects to rate. On the blog though, you can see my overall rating which is an average of the four aspects: plot, characters, world and writing. I also put the star rating right after it and it reflects the rating I'm going to put on Goodreads. I'm still going to break it down for you so you'd know how the books get their ratings:

5. Loved it, thought it was amazing! I higly recommend this book and hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did. I was amused and captivated by the book, it was entertaining and the world, created by the author, just sucked me into the book and it was absolutely fantastic to follow the characters on their journeys. It had some new ideas and the writing in general was good and amusing/emotional. Definitely 100%  recommend!

4. Really liked it! It just had a great amount of everything I expect from a book. It satisfied me and I am happy to place this book in the 'good reading' category. Recommend this book as well!

3. Liked it! I wasn't exactly satisfied with everything and was bothered by either the writing style, the plotline, the characters or something else, but it was still pretty good and I recommend you to at least check out what the fuss is about. Perhaps you'll be a fan! (This happens to some hype books, because hype can bring your expectations sky high and when you read the book, it turns out that it's not that special after all... *insert sad face*)

2. Well, it was okay, right? I mean, there are some books that just don't excite me that much. There were probably some elements I liked and it wasn't a complete waste of my time, but I would probably not read it again. However, if this book kicks off a series or is a part of it, I'll take my time to think whether or not I'm going to continue with this series because sometimes one book isn't enough to give up a great series. (Happened to me with The Iron King by Julie Kagawa.) Still, I wasn't that impressed by this book.

1. Pff.. I didn't think much of the book, to be honest. Don't waste your time.