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Review: Coming Home by Priscilla Glenn

Title: Coming Home
Author: Priscilla Glenn
Published: January 19th 2014
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Leah Marino hasn’t been on a date in two years. After discovering the man she loved had manipulated and deceived her, she refuses to even entertain the idea of a relationship. Instead, she focuses her attention on taking care of her family, a role she’s assumed since the death of her mother and the one place she knows her kindness won't be taken advantage of again.
When a nostalgic trip back to her childhood home results in a chance encounter with Danny DeLuca, a smart-mouthed mechanic who’s as attractive as he is mysterious, Leah's carefully cultivated walls begin to crumble. She finds herself unexpectedly drawn to Danny, despite his unreliable behavior and mixed signals.
But Danny has a secret...
One that could shake Leah's already precarious foundation and bring her world crashing down around her. Suddenly, she's faced with an incredibly difficult decision--is she willing to risk everything for the chance at finding the love she's always wanted? Or are some obstacles just too big for the heart to overcome?

Priscilla Glenn is a fantastic author and don’t let this review tell you otherwise, okay? Because there will be some ranting, but let me tell you this: BACK TO YOU—Priscilla’s debut novel is one of my absolute favorite novels and Emancipating Andie was a good read as well. So these little occasional, very mild rants that are waiting for you in this review? Don’t take them that seriously ;)

“I don’t mind a little disappointment now and then. It just means you’ve got high standards. I’d rather shoot high and be disappointed sometimes than just live in the middle with the illusion of being satisfied.”

Let’s get the bad stuff out of the way first. I really feel like the only real flaw Glenn’s writing has is the third POV. I’m not a fan of those in contemporary books since it makes connecting with the characters so hard. Sigh. It was a little hard to connect with these characters as well. That isn’t to say that Glenn’s writing is bad or wrong in any way, nope! That’s just my personal preference *shrugs* So yep, while I felt bad for the two main leads, I never really felt a big emotional connection towards them.

So what didn’t I like? Um.. While the previous two books by Priscilla were more of the slow-build kind, then this one was a little too intense in the insta-attraction department for me. Hence I felt like the L-bomb was too early. Yes, the feelings between Daniel (I refuse to call him Danny because it reminds me of the psycho Tyler from Revenge calling Daniel like that and Danny’s behavior during season 3 on that show makes me sick to my stomach *gags*) and Leah were pretttttty darn intense, and let us not forget the situation they were in, but in my honest opinion? Saying the L-word was still a little too early. Also, I get Daniel’s hesitations and the reasons behind his behavior, but it was still wrong of him to be so hot and cold, so it was a bit of a let down. All I could think was "dude, stop hesitating and tell her, or walk away".

Anyhow, off to the good parts, yeah? Even though it seems, based on the two paragraphs above, that there were more things I didn’t like & less things I enjoyed, it ain't exactly so *shakes head* The chemistry was adorable—something Glenn always excels at! Yeah, not big emotional connections to the characters on my part, but oh boy, the chemistry! *fans self* Also, the quote by Leah where she says she’s scared of dark + ocean = MEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! I’m not scared of water or dark per se, but I am scared of the unknown. Moreover, there were some stereotypical BFF-s, but written in a very compelling way so I was not put off by the secondary characters. I actually quite liked them. Oh, and the camping scene? THE cutest :) *swoons*

I really appreciate the originality of this story. Don’t make the same mistake by going to the end to see how it ends (I’M LOOKING AT YOU, JENNY!!!) because you don’t want to guess the secret Daniel carries. I wish I hadn’t because I would have been more shocked, but it was still nice to know that I guessed correct based on the letter Daniel sent to Leah. At the end of the day, it’s original in concept and extremely heartwarming, even if it’s not my favorite story by Priscilla. Recommend even though I had some issues? YES!

Overall rating: 3.4 out of 5.0
Stars: ★★★

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  1. You know, I've never read a Priscilla Glenn novel before. Actually (get ready to gasp), I've never heard of Priscilla Glenn *hides from forks you're probably planning to throw*. I actually never plan to read her now after reading this review ;) KIDDING. I'M KIDDING. Hehe.

    I get what you mean about third POV, but sometimes it can work so well. Like in the Raven Cycle series. It's EPIC in that.

    Insta-love in this though (or insta-like or insta-WHATEVS)? Hmmm. I like the slow-build. Gimme slow-build, not this instant mix romance malarky!

    Scared of the unknown? Are you scared of oblivion too? Don't be, because "if the inevitability of human oblivion worries you, I encourage you to ignore it. God knows that's what everyone else does." ;)

  2. I've actually never read a Priscilla Glenn book before and I didn't know you loved her books so much! I need to read something by her very soon if she's such a favorite of yours.
    I'm sad that this didn't live up to your expectations, but that happens all the time. You can't love everything from your favorite authors all the time. Like, I loved everything Richelle Mead wrote except for Bloodlines. Of course, that has changed now because it's one of my favorite series, but I think I get what you mean.
    Anyways, writing-wise, yeah I do think 3rd person POV is the work of the devil. I feel like it only works really well in YA fantasy books. I try to avoid reading contemporaries of any kind that has a 3rd person POV.
    Also, boo to the insta-love. I think that would really bother me as well, especially since they spit out the L-word so quickly!
    Anyways, I'll probably avoid this one, but I'm going to definitely try one of the two Priscilla Glenn book you mentioned! :)

  3. I've never read anything by Glenn before. And I have a feeling I may skip this one too. But I'll definitely check out the others. :) Great review!

  4. The chemistry does sound amazing even with the issues in this one.

  5. LOL I can easily do that too, looking at the end to know how it will finish and be turned upside down by it. I didn't know this one I confess but maybe one day.

  6. Even though you didn't enjoy some aspects of the book, it still sounds like a pretty good read. Great review Siiri!

  7. Sometimes I can handle the insta, usually in suspense type romances or if the author makes me really feel it. I will check out this author, since you do adore her.

  8. I have to say I'd never heard about Glenn before (*gasp* I know), but maybe I'll have to now! ;) I might check out her other books, because honestly, this one doesn't really sound like something I'd enjoy. Lovely review though, Siiri! <33

  9. Siiri! I loved Back to You too! I haven't read Emancipating Andie yet, but I have it. I'm sorry you had some trouble with this one. I hate it when I think I've found a new safe-bet author who suddenly isn't quite as safe. Yes, I know you still liked this, but insta-love. ALSO--I get you. I'm not afraid of the dark, I'm afraid of what's IN the dark. Great review, girlie ;) Looking forward to your inevitable Dark Swan rant *snickers*

  10. Well I haven't heard of this author but I got to say that 3rd person POV is not my fave either. I never connect with the characters that way. Not to mention insta-love. It seems to be a new love-triangle mainstream. I remember before every book had love-triangles now every seem to have insta-love. Hopefully it won't live for long. Sorry this book wasn't as good as you hoped but still glad you enjoyed it. Great review, Siiri :)

  11. Yeah, I know what you mean. A third person POV in a contemporary book sounds really off for some reason, especially since contemporaries are often so character-driven. It would only make sense to put it in 1st person to give it that personal touch. And sucks regarding the romance! I want the L-word to be given at the right time and at the right moment. When it feels like even I have made an emotional connection to both of them. But I'm happy to know the rest of the aspects were great :D

    Faye at The Social Potato Reviews

  12. I used to struggle to conment with third person point-of-view, but read so many adult contemporary romances (which are predominantly 3rd person pov) that I've gotten very used to it. This isn't my favorite Glenn book, either, but still enjoyed it.
    Nice review!

  13. Oooh, sounds like you enjoyed it overall even with the issues with third person. Why is instalove still a thing seriously *groans* You want them to say the L Word sometime but not when it comes as a shock too soon in the story. The chemistry and emotional connection definitely sounds great, though! Lovely review Siiri! x

  14. So i don't want you to come after me with pitchforks but I've never hear of Priscilla Glenn before! *hides from you* BUT now i'm pretty interested in her stuff since you just love her so much! I'm sorry this one didn't live up to your expectations, hopefully your next read by her will! I don't think i've ever read a third person POV books that wasn't fantasy. I can't see t working for any contemporary read, it would just

  15. I haven't actually heard of this author till this review :o As you recommend her other books so highly, I'll definitely check her out. It's a little sad that after all of the awesomeness that this one fell flat though. I can understand why, I'm personally a fan of slow building romances as they're realistic to real life. I find when the love bomb gets dropped to early it can make things seem surreal and contrived. I can also understand why writing in 3rd person made you feel disconnected from the characters. I feel as if third person is best for developing setting/time/mystery/whatever but not character. This becomes a issue when a novel is so character driven, as contemporaries tend to be.

    I'm still glad that you enjoyed the chemistry and overall plotline though c: It does sound different from the typical contemporaries I've read lately. I'm also intrigued by the ending and "Danny's" secret.

    Lol "Danny", I totally feel you on the creepiness of that name now. I also watch Revenge and omg. Tyler was definitely crazy, but i'm pretty sure I dislike Daniel more. He's just so horrible. Same goes for Conrad. I love Nolan and Jack though (: Can't wait to watch more Revenge, I need the new season.

    Lovely review! <33

  16. shame on me I haven;t read her books. but this is such a great story. I love your review that I really feel the need to read this book now. :)