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Review: Addicted After All by Krista and Becca Ritchie

Title: Addicted After All (Addicted #3)
Author: Krista and Becca Ritchie
Published: October 31st
Read: Oct 31st to Nov 1st, 2014
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Two addicts. One epic love story.

Prepare for the worst.

That’s what Lily and Lo try to do when Jonathan Hale schedules an “important” meeting. The problem: after being swept into the public eye and battling their addictions, they’re not sure what the worst is anymore.

In a sea of many changes—including Ryke & Daisy living with them—Lily realizes that the best part of her fluctuating hormones might just be the worst.

Her sex drive is out of control.

Loren knows that she’s insatiable, but he’s not giving up on her. She’s too much a part of him. And as he carries more and more responsibility, some of the people that he loves doubt his resolve.

In the conclusion to their love story, Lily & Lo stand side-by-side to fight, one last time, for their happily ever after.

*I’m so sorry if this review doesn’t make any sense, I can't seem to stop crying; apologies*

Where does one even begin reviewing Addicted After all? I wouldn’t know, because I legit don’t know where to begin. All I know is that AAA was one of the best series endings I’ve ever read! I will cherish this book with all my heart and shout from every rooftop possible about how good this series is, how much it has touched the deepest parts of my soul and moved me. This series is the very reminder of why I read, why authors are superheroes by saving the world book by book and why I never ever want to stop reading. It’s pure magic!

"I thought it was going to be hard—being selfless. But when you love someone with the deepest parts of your soul, they become your biggest exception."

You never know with books, especially ones that have next to no hints or teasers about them, if they live up to your expectations or not. It’s impossible not to build some for things that follow something that has previously rocked your world. Kiss the Sky is my favorite book ever and I think AAA just exceeded that. I have no words. It shouldn’t have happened, but it did?? THIS BOOK WAS EVERYTHING THAT WAS MISSING FROM MY LIFE! AAA makes you feel so many emotions that simply can't be described.

By now you all know that Rose Calloway and Connor Cobalt make a powerhouse that is my favorite otp in any and all fiction. I was afraid based on the first 20% that Coballoway would get so little screen time because it was mostly Lilo and Raisy, but nope! Every otp and character gets their spotlight at some point. Holy shoot the omfg moment is bigger than in Hothouse Flower o______o Also, there’s a warm-up omfg moment right before the real one that’s almost just as good. I legit fell out of bed by accident because I was laughing so hard, no lie! Chapter 29 made me heavily cry as did most chapters. Teen Wolf? OTH parallels? All sorts of superhero and Hogwarts stuff? Little, tiny details like the security code??? *bathes in feels*

Remember how I had problems with Ryke and Lily's friendship in Thrive? ALL FIXED!!!! Ryke & Lo’s bromance is inspiring; and I adored how the twins have developed Lo & Connor’s relationship in AAA. Also, the way Loren acknowledges Rose’s role in Lily’s life is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever read. That can be said about the whole book, really. The twins have visibly progressed with their writing since Addicted to You and brought these characters to life in so many ways that the Addicted gang is like a piece of my own soul. I'll never part with these characters. No, not really. I'm legit incredibly happy, but it hurts so much you don't understand.

It hurts to say goodbye to Lily and Lo's POV. It's not over until you admit that it's over so I'm just going to be here in complete denial of everything. I had to put this book down too many times to count, because I was either laughing too hard to concentrate or crying too heavily to make out any words hence had to sob it out. There were full-body sobs and full-belly laughs; smiles too hard to contain and silent tears of every kind. Addicted series does not shy away from hard (not like that) and important topics: addictions, relapses, slut shaming, feminism, female sexuality and society's scary, sad but accurate portrayal of it all. It’s bold, witty, unique and outstanding. This series makes me proud to be a reader, a feminist, a flawed human being. If you need feels and so real characters that it literally hurts? Start the Addicted series. Best life choice ever! 

I'm going to wrap it up here, because I can't even see what I'm writing anymore. Ugh, 'em bloody tears, I tell you. Nothing else to say other than Krista and Becca are irl superheroes for giving us this amazing, heartfelt and stunning, gorgeous story that develops throughout years with slow-burning, soul-consuming love of friends, family and soul mates. They deserve the bestest of slow claps. As Lily would say, thankyouthankyouthankyou!

Overall rating: 5.0 out of 5.0
Stars: ★★★★★

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  1. I'm so happy to hear that you enjoyed reading this - I know how long you have been waiting for it.
    Bit this is not the end of the whole series, right? Just the one about Lily and Lo?

    Great review, Siiri.

    1. Thanks, lovely! <3 Yep, only Lily and Lo's pov ended with this book, Rose & Connor and Ryke & Daisy will get their chance to wrap it up next year, but it hurst all the same really. You can never have enough Lilo's pov in your world :)

  2. So happy that you loved the finale, Siiri. <3 I didn't cry as much as I did with the first two, but hell, the tears were there. LOVED all the sibling dynamics between the Calloway girls and the Hale boys. Plus all the Loren and Connor moments? Dammit, they were beautiful. I was actually hoping for even MORE Coballoway moments, haha! They were still adorable, of course. Can't wait for all the twins' next books! Awesome review. <3

  3. Gosh, you keep DOING This to me and now I need to read this series quite badly but but but my tbr is too big. STAHP BEING SO ENTHUSIASTIC SIIRI. *glares at tbr and trots to goodreads* I love a good OTP.

  4. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY. I'm surprised you were even able to form sentences through the tears. Thank God this wasn't a vlog review or something LOL.

    This book was pure magic and I loved how it wrapped up LiLo's story, while also laying the groundwork for some pretty cool Raisy and Coballoway moments! The next two books are going to be TOO MUCH FOR MY HEART

    1. hahaha I actually thought to myself when writing this review (and I'm so crazy that I spoke all of it loud and made myself cry even harder when writing it) that if I did a vlog, no one would understand a word and make fun of my ugly crying face; ALLIE SAVE ME FROM MYSELF PLEASE <33

  5. Siiri you know I'm all for books which create all the feels! So I'm truly glad that you ended up loving this book, but there's nothing else that you can expect when it comes to Krista and Becca Ritchie for you!!! I know I've said this before but I will for sure be starting this series this month! I shall keep you updated. And *hugs* your review totally made sense despite all the tears x

  6. I love how much you love this series Siiri!!!! It just makes me happy every time you review one of the books because your love comes shining through a thousand times over and your enthusiasm is infectious. It makes me wonder what my problem is because I haven't read this series yet. I KNOW. I can barely call myself a book blogger anymore ;-)

  7. Your review has got me even more excited for this book, Siiri. I know I will love this one as much as you do because even though Ryke is my favorite LiLo is my favorite OTP. There's just something so sweet, swoony and vulnerable about them that sets them apart from the other couples. I need this to go up on B&N, Siiri. I'm so pissed off at them. I'm ready to buy a Kindle soon!!! --'
    I'm so glad this book made you feel as much as it did and your review definitely showcased all your emotions.
    Lovely review!

  8. I'm legit crying. I'M NOT READY TO SAY GOODBYE TO MY OTP!! *stomps feet and pouts* But I am so SO GLAD that the twins did justice to LiLo's ending. Teen Wolf, OTH, Hogwarts. Oh god yes. We're going to need to hug this one out aren't we (I know I'll need it *bear hug*. Wonderful review, Siiri!

  9. GAH!!! So I can't even really read this review because I still haven't started this series and I'm worried about spoilers... but man, you've DEFINITELY convinced me that I NEED to read this series ASAP! I have book 1, I just need to make some room for it in my reading schedule. (BTW good to see you back! :D)

  10. You're such a superwoman Siiri for even attempting to write this review. And you did it so fabulously too. I'm still hungover from AAA and I can't seem to move on to normal life things. Lol.
    You know what makes me happy to be a reader of this series? That as feminist, I can wholeheartedly stand up and love these characters. You summed it up perfectly in saying this series does not shy away from hard and important topics.
    Awesome review. It gave me all the feels. And you summed up every thought of mine perfectly; the brotps in this series give me as much feels as the otps. Lo & Connor. Ryke & Lily.

  11. Your love for this series kills me! So great.

  12. glad to hear you are loving this series. I had a hard time reading book 1 so I guess I never got into it :/ one of these days I will have to give it another shot

  13. Glad to hear that Lily and Lo's story wrapped up on such a high note for you, Siiri! I know I keep saying this but I do plan on reading this series soon. :)

  14. Awww *hugs* Yaay so glad you enjoyed the conclusion to this series Siiri and that it pulled so much emotion out of you. Must admit I've yet to come across these books but I feel like it's about time I jumped on the feels boat. :P

  15. I feel the EXACT way!!! My head was all over the place while I tried to write my review !! I loved your review though <3

  16. Dammit, I thought I wrote a comment to this review, wth!? I was coming back here to check if you saw and responded but, nothing. HA! Now that I've read several reviews, it seems most of us had one thing in common. We all had difficulty knowing where to begin! SO MANY FEEEEEELS to articulate. And you know, I'm no good at putting my feelings into words, which is what I absolutely LOVE about your reviews. You always seem to catch and include all the good points and highlights of the book and your enthusiasm (or lack thereof) with each book is contagious! OMG yes to all the little tiny details!!! It sucks that we're both so busy right now or else I'd pick your brain about Connor and Rose! I am in desperate need of some down time and catching up with you!

  17. Oh you, and this book! Honestly, whenever I see this book I think: SIIRI! have really gotten your enthusiasm across the seas to Australia, girl.

    Lovely review! <33

  18. I love you and your love for this series. I can't think of these books without thinking of you! These authors are lucky to have such a huge fan as you! You've definitely convinced many people to give these a chance - including me! …when I finally get a little more time. I hope you're doing well at school these days and finding time to relax in the midst of all your studying. xo

  19. Okay Siiri, I did not read your review, because I do plan on continuing the series at some point and I don't particularly like spoilers. So anyway, I am super duper glad you loved this book. Actually I'm not surprised that you loved it, but till. FANTABULOUS review!

    Sarika @ The Readdicts