Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Excerpt and Giveaway: What Endures by Katie Lee

Today I'm excited to bring an excerpt and giveaway to you. If you've seen (or read) The Vow by Nicholas Sparks, you'll probably enjoy this one. I hope you enjoy the excerpt and be sure to participate in the giveaway:) Good luck, lovelies!

Title:What Endures
Author: Katie Lee
Published: August 1st, 2013
Genre: Contemporary New Adult
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Jason Kincaid is young, hot and successful.
An All-Star outfielder for the Seattle Mariners, he finally had everything he ever wanted, including a second chance with his high school sweetheart, Megan Williams. But their hopes for a ‘happily-ever-after’ are dashed by tragedy.

A horrific car accident wipes out most of Jason's memories. Unable to recall anything from the last fifteen years of his life, Jason is suddenly adrift, his once charmed life now in ruins. Megan finds herself in the untenable position of having to deal with the fact that the man she’s helping to rebuild his life may look, and even act, like her beloved fiancé, but in reality, isn’t any longer.

Trying to protect herself, as well as Jason, Megan fights the attraction between them. . .to no avail. As their potent connection inevitably draws them closer, Megan wonders,
With the memories of their relationship gone, can love endure? 


“So is the interview over?” she asked lightly.
He grinned and she caught the mischievous twinkle in his eye which should have warned her that he had something up his sleeve. “Not quite. I do have one other question.”
The warning bells finally sounded in her head. “What question?”
His grin widened, as he leaned forward on the table. “When did you get that tattoo on your hip?”
She stared at him as her mind raced, trying to process what he had just said. He met her gaze calmly, as if waiting for her to put the pieces together.
“How’d you know. . .“ Was he remembering she wondered? Something about his expression, however, told her that this particular bit of knowledge was not the result of a recollection but something sneakier.
“Home movies.”
“Home mov-“ she started and stopped suddenly as the answer came to her. She looked at him with wide, questioning eyes and he nodded slowly in confirmation.
Suddenly, a mental image of the beach house popped into her mind and she realized much too late that the house was brimming with personal things of her. . of him. . .of them. And then she started to panic, doing a mental inventory of the collection of home movies that she and Jason had and how each one had been made. Which one of those had revealed her tattoo to him? For one brief, horrifying instant, she actually wondered if they had ever made one of those home movies. A part of her wanted to rush right out to the beach house that instant and start gathering up those DVDs.

All of the excerpts I read--one of was hot, one of them was the opening scene of the book (which I have already read, I did a sneak peek into the book when I got my arc for the blog tour which takes place in September. I'm keeping my fingers crossed I'll like this one since it's so promising. However, I picked this one because it's a little funny. The ending of it ;)

About the Author

Katie Lee has had a lifelong love affair with books. She fell in love with her first book in the second grade and hasn’t looked back since. She first took up writing as a hobby, wanting to craft her own magical adventures, and through the love and encouragement of family and friends, decided to get serious about writing and share her stories with the world.

She currently resides in Maryland in the United States. She works for the government during the day, and her spare time is devoted to writing. She gains inspiration from all sorts of things, but mostly from the fun and adventurous trips she takes when she can. She loves hearing from her readers so drop her a note!

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  1. I've never heard of this before but I liked that excerpt. It sounds like such a sad book. I'm not a fan of Nicholas Spark, because his book depress me, but I like the sound of this one.
    I'm curious if he will find out his memories eventually.

    1. I read the first chapter last night and it was quite sad. I hope it gets brighter:) The Vow wasn't my favorite movie, but I liked the concept and since this is similar, I hope I'll enjoy it. Haha, NS books are definitely depressing, but HEA in them make me happy:) lollls

  2. Oooo I like the sound of this one Siiri! I haven't read The Vow, but I did catch the end of the movie. I'm hoping this book has a bit more of a concrete ending, you know I don't deal well with the open, "believe what you will" type of endings. I NEED A DEFINITIVE HEA! :)

    1. Ah, same here! I've only seen the movie as well and I was a bit disappointed by the ending too. There was a hint of a HEA, but just as you, I want it loud and clear ;) fingers crossed this'll have it!!

  3. Oooh this looks good! I'm a sucker for books about characters reconnecting with their first loves, and this one has the added twist of a car accident! I didn't love the Vow (It was much sadder than I thought it would be), but this one looks really good.

  4. This sounds good, Siiri! I love books that deal with memory loss. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Ooooh I would be wondering how the heck he knew too. This is why you never make videos people! Thanks for sharing :)

  6. The synopsis of this one looks really different from all the other NA books I've seen out there, and interesting for that very reason. I haven't read any Nicholas Sparks books, and I don't know if I've read any memory loss romance novels, but maybe I should. Home videos. Oh, the mischief in his voice. I'm now wondering which video it was too o.O.

  7. Love this excerpt! So funny watching her try to figure out how he knows about her hip tattoo. Oh tattoos, how they can cause so much drama in books lol.

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