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Author Interview: Nyrae Dawn

I published my review for Charade by Nyrae Dawn two days ago and I couldn't be more excited for today's post. Nyrae has quickly become one of my favorite authors, because her books are always so fun to read, her characters go through some of the toughest journeys, she writes these amazing guy POV's and she's just a lovely person in general. I contacted Nyrae for an interview about Charade and she agreed immediately. So, yeah. I'm so so so excited to introduce Nyrae and Charade to all of you. Hopefully you'll enjoy! PS. Since I'm at it and I can't recommend this book highly enough, I made a playlist/soundtrack to this book aannnnnddd it's my first time ever, so I'm a little shy about it to say the least, haha. But yeah, I'll show it to you tomorrow:)

Q: Please tell us a little about yourself and your journey of becoming the writer you are today.
A: Hello. Well I'm happily married and have two awesome little girls. I've always loved writing, but it wasn't until I became a stay-at-home mom that I really started to pursue my dream. It took many years, lots of manuscripts, tons of rejection, but I don't regret any of it. It brought me where I am today. 

Q: What is Charade about and why did you feel like this story should be "born" into the world? 
A: It's not even feeling like it has to be born for me, but my characters are so real to me that they come to me with this story and I have to share it with the world. It's almost like it's really happened, but I am just the vessel to share it. Charade is about two broken souls who don't realize how broken they are until they start to put each other together again. 

Q: What inspired you to write Charade
A: That's hard to say. It's kind of like my previous answer. The story actually started with Cheyenne. She came to me first and it spiraled from there and I had to get it on paper. I needed to share what to me, was their beautiful love story and story of growth. 

Q: Did you have any fun incidents while writing Charade
A: Hmm... that's a good question and I'm bummed I don't have a fun answer. LOL. Nothing out of the ordinary happened while writing it. 

Q: What are Colt and Chey's best attributes as individuals and as a couple? 
A: For Chey I would say her best attribute is her strength and for Colt his ability to love and be there for someone. Together it's their love and loyalty that strikes me. They've been hurt, but neither runs when they find love. When they're in, they're in 100%. 

Q: When I learned that the next book in this series is going to be Adrian's, I did a little happy dance, ha. He is such an interesting character and what I want to know is can you give us some insight on what's about to go down in his life? Any tiny, little excerpts maybe?:)
A: Adrian is a complex guy, IMO. He's a deep thinker and a people watcher. He was very shut off as a young child...a loner, for reasons I can't say, but there is a lot going on beneath the surface that you don't see. 

Q: Which of your books has been your favorite to write so far and why? 
A: That is so hard! Each one I write feels like my favorite at the time, but I do think it really is CHARADE. Their story is deeper and brought out so many different emotions in me. 

Q: Which of the characters from all of your books is the most like you and in which way?  
A: I relate a lot to Annabel [from Measuring Up] in that I'm insecure about body image. 

Q: What are the next goals in you career and what do you look forward to the most? 
A: I'm excited to jump into Adrian's book, FACADE. I just love writing and love sharing my stories with anyone who might want to read them. 


Tango or salsa? Salsa 
Cats or dogs? Dogs 
Rain or sunshine? Sunshine 
Original or retelling? Original 
Fantasy or contemporary? Contemporary 
Sebastian or Colt? (Ha. I'm just sneaky that way.) WHAT??? I love them both for different reasons. LOL. I'm a cheater. 

Thank you so much, Nyrae! It was a pleasure and I can't wait to get my hands on Adrian's book:)
Thanks for having me! 

AVAILABLE NOW: What a Boy Wants, What a Boy Needs, Freeing Carter, Measuring Up, Karma Bites  
COMING SOON: Misplaced from Entangled Publishing

Writing has always been Nyrae Dawn’s passion. There have been times in her life where she wasn’t able to chase that dream the way she desired, but she always found her way back to telling stories. One of her loves has always been writing about teens. There’s something so fresh and fun about the age that she loves exploring. Her husband says it’s because she doesn’t want to grow up. She doesn’t think that’s such a bad thing and luckily for her, he doesn’t either. Nyrae gravitates toward character-driven stories. She loves going on emotional journeys with characters whether it be reading or writing. And yes, she’s a total romantic at heart and proud. Nyrae resides in sunny Southern California with her husband (who still makes her swoon) and her two awesome kids. When she’s not with her family, you can be pretty sure you’ll find her with a book in her hand or her laptop and an open document in front of her. Nyrae Dawn also writes adult romance under the name Kelley Vitollo.

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