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Interview: Willow Aster

I hope you didn't miss my review of True Love Story on Monday. If you did, then you can read it here. Anyway, today I won't be saying much. On the contrary, I will let Willow tell you all about her book and her writing experience in this very interview. I hope you enjoy and since I'm not done with the intro, then a little pimping should be in order I guess: GO READ TRUE LOVE STORY!!!! I absolutely adored it and I hope you will, too. Now, without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, I give you Willow Aster *aplauds*

Q: First things first, how did you come to being a writer and what inspired you to start this incredible journey?   
A: I’ve always loved to write. I began writing poems when I was little, then songs, and finally, stories. The stories are something that sort of take over my mind until I just have to write them down.

Q: There are so many authors out there in every corner of the world. What do you think sets you apart from the others?  
A: Hmm. Well, you’d probably be a better one to answer this question, instead of me. But I guess I hope that my genuineness comes through and that the story is not only well-written but also down-to-earth.

I agree 100%. While reading True Love Story, I felt the genuineness behind the words and all the characters in your story seemed so real and organic. Well done, milady!

Q: Could you please tell people who haven’t read True Love Story yet what’s it about and why should they read your book in two sentences. (Hard task I know. My mind is racing already, because there’s no way I could shorten my pimping remarks into two sentences.)  
A: Oh goodness. Wait, that doesn’t count as one of my two sentences, does it? Haha (sorry) Okay, I’ll be good.
True Love Story is an honest portrayal of a relationship between two flawed people from very different walks of life, who try to find out if love, forgiveness, and redemption are possible. Ian and Sparrow are quirky characters who hopefully both feel like old friends by the time you’re done with the book.

THIS should be on the back of your paperback, seriously – this is a good promo!

Q: Sparrow and Ian are people who don’t give up. No matter what. They pound their fists on doors until they open and if they don’t, they’ll walk straight through them, because that’s what one does when one truly wants something. Does that apply to you? 
A: I really, really try to live this way, but it’s a constant battle within myself to break out of my fears and shyness. But yeah, I’m doing my best to constantly push past that and live the life I want.

Q: Sparrow is very passionate, but at the same time unbelievably rational and reasonable. Did you give her anything from your personality or are you more like Tessa? (By the way, I absolutely adored Tessa! I’ve read some books lately where the main characters have had backstabbing bitches as friends and it was so good to see that there can be true, loyal and compassionate friends in some books.)   
A: I adore Tessa too. I’d love to be more like her, but I’m definitely more like Sparrow. My brain never shuts off.

Q: Let’s talk boys! Ian is a wild flower, but Jared, whom I also adored, is somewhat that “nice guy” type. Which ones do you prefer?  
A: I love nice guys so much, but I have to confess, I do kind of hold a torch for those boys with a side of naughty.

Q: What plans do you have in the future?  
A: I have a couple books stirring right now. One is a different genre and one is another NA book.

Q: Which parts of your writing do you feel like you should work on in order to evolve into the best author you think you can be?   
A: I hope to grow as a writer in every way. I feel there is always room to mature. I never want to stop learning.

That is so true! One can never stop learning. Perfection is a state of mind, but in my opinion, it can never be achieved.

Q: Do you have time to read? If so, which books have influenced your work and which books would you recommend us to check out?  
A: I don’t have as much time to read right now, but I’m constantly reading something. I love a wide variety…anything from Gillian Flynn to Paullina Simons. And of course, the Indie writers…I love Tarryn Fisher and Tracey Garvis-Graves with a passion.

Wohoo!! I LOVE me some Tarryn Fisher! She is one kick-ass writer and a mean one, too, if you think about the ending of The Opportunist .I still love her writing.

Q: What has been the best experience so far for you when it comes to publishing True Love Story? If you look back, do you wish you would have done anything differently?  
A: The best experience with publishing my book is that it has resounded with so many! I truly expected to get a lot of backlash from you-know-what, but I think most truly got the point I was trying to make with the story. For that, I am so grateful. What I would have done differently—I’d have taken a week off from working, so I could just live in the I-Published-A-Book! bliss.

This or that

Willow: Can I just say that most of these are REALLY hard for me because I love both!
Siiri: Haha, sorry!

Black or white? Black
Cats or dogs? Dogs, unless there’s a kitten around *
Salsa or tango? Tango
Summer or winter? Summer
Morning or night? Ummm, leisurely mornings or relaxing nights
Jocks or nerds? I do have a special fondness for nerds.
Mountains or oceans? Oceans with surrounding mountains
Phone call or in person? In person
Writing or reading? Writing. I mean, reading. No, writing. Reading. Definitely writing. Or reading.
Sparrow or Ian? ;) Well, Ian, of course!

*I LOVE THIS ANSWER!! That’s soooo me ;)

True Love Story

Sparrow Fisher is transforming. No longer dressed up in antiquated clothes and ideals, she is finally trying on her freedom.

Before she moves to New York City, she meets Ian Sterling, a musician Sparrow has dreamed about since she first saw him. The attraction is instant, but their relationship isn't so simple.

Over a five year span, Sparrow and Ian run into each other in unusual places. Each time, Sparrow has to decide if she can trust him, if he feels the same for her, and finally, if love is really enough.

Meet Willow

Willow Aster became a writer when the voices in her head became too loud to ignore. She lives with her family, where the most important things are good food, laughing, and stories. True Love Story is her first published book.

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  1. Great interview! I have heard amazing things about this one, and have added it to my tbr. I love that Willow chose Black. I always get funny looks when I say my favorite color is black!

    1. Haha. Well, black is maybe a bit boring, but it looks good with everything and I'd always rather wear black than white for instance. This books was amazing! I can't wait to heard your thoughts:)

  2. I love nice guys so much, but I have to confess, I do kind of hold a torch for those boys with a side of naughty."

    SAME!!! That is 100% me:) The naughty boys get me every time even though I know I should probably reserve my affection for the sweet boys. I can't help it though, they're just so appealing! I have this book on my list already, I can't wait to start it:)

    1. Same here! They're just deliciously hot. *giggles* Yes, yes, yes! I hope you enjoy it:)

  3. What a fabulous interview!! I love her answers to the This or That questions. This book sounds really great too. Thanks for sharing this!