Sunday, July 7, 2013

Summer Lovin' Read-a-thon 2013 Wrap-Up

Hey, lovelies! I hope you all had a great weekend. It's so very sunny outside and unfortunately I got a sunburn. Meh.. It's not all that bad though, I've had worse. I guess that's what I get for laying out in the sun all day even if I use sun cream. The wheather has been superb though--not a cloud in a sky and it totally goes with the theme of this read-a-thon. I had so much fun and I'm looking forward to participating in even more read-a-thons since the first one was a success on my part. I didn't end up reading that much from the list I created for myself, but I read quite a bit nevertheless. You want to know what I read? I'll give you the complete list of day by day and a few thoughts on the books I read.

Day 1: Started Born at Midnight by C.C. Hunter. Read to page 117.
Day 2: Started Thousand Words by Jennifer Brown--15% in. Continuing Born at Midnight.
Day 3: Read to 20% of Thousand Words and read to page 220 on Bron at Midnight.
Day 4: Read to around page 300 of Born at Mifnight
Day 5: Read to 50% of Thousand Words
Day 6: Finished Thousand Words. Read two additional novels: Wrong Kind of Love by Amanda Heath and Elite by Rachel Van Dyken.
Day 7: Finished Born at Midnight and started (and will hopefully finish) Breach by K.I. Lynn.

So I ended up reading..

Born at Midnight by C.C. Hunter
I ended up liking it a lot. The MC was pretty well-written and even though her constant kissing thoughts regarding the two guys who drooled over her bothered me a bit, I still think Kylie was a decent character. I liked the friendships and the few twists and turns that took me by surprise. I also enjoyed the world-building which was quite different from the usual supernatural world I have come across so far. I think this one will get a decent four stars.

Thousand Words by Jennifer Brown
Another great story for me. It was my first ever Jennifer Brown's book and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I had no idea sexting would be that big of an issue and Ashleigh's story touched me in a way I didn't expect. I will definitely read more by Ms. Brown. As I gathered from that little interview with her at the end of the book, she writes issue books that are different and really make you think and these kinda books suit me well. Also, her writing is good so yes, definitely an author I'll explore more when I have time.

Wrong Kind of Love by Amanda Heath
Ok, so I read the first book and skimmed parts of it, that's why I haven't marked it as read on Goodreads. I did like the best friend of the MC and the MC's twin brothers though so I knew I wanted to read their book someday. I was rooting for Caden all the way and of course since it's from his and Grace's POV we know that they'll end up together, there's no other option. However, I was so annoyed by Grace that I wanted to sucker punch her at times. She was almost as annoying as Ms. Anastasia Steele. Ugh.. I liked the main idea and Caden was ok, but overall it was meh for me.

Elite by Rachel Van Dyken
This read-a-thon is all about firsts for me as I see. I didn't plan on reading it, but I ended up doing so since I was intrigued. I heard it was about a secret society among our ordinary one and I knew it was a book I wanted to pick up. Ok, so the beginning was a bit awkward. It got better, but again, the MC just ruined it for me. Every time someone said something that wasn't like.. didn't make sense immediately, she asked them if they were high. Wtf? So when I'm in a mood to be silly and say silly things and laugh about them I'm immediately tripping and so is everybody else? I think she was just too dumb. Sorry. The secret society thing was different though and it ended up being a first of that kind (I don't want to give away the society's um.. essence.) so I want to know more and I'll pick up the sequel even if the main character is a tad annoying.

and I'm currently reading Breach by K.I. Lynn as we speak. It's pretty good, but very very VERY steamy. Kinda reminds me of The Crossfire series by Sylvia Day. I know both of the MCs have secrets and I want to know what they are. I can tell that it's not just all adult fiction with the very graphic steamy scenes, but there's a story beneath all that. I hope it'll come out soon though since I don't think I can handle all that steaminess anymore. I need a real story not just an erotic story, you know..

AAAANNDDD that's it for me this week. I'll go and try to finish Breach now and I hope you guys had indeed a great weekend and please stop by to see my review for one of the most intriguing books I have ever read. It'll be up tomorrow and on Tuesday I'll have a giveaway for US/Can peeps so a lot of stuff to look forward to next week:)


  1. You finished 5 books? THAT'S great :) I kept thinking I'll join this readathon but no time :( Next ONE . I will definitely join the next one

  2. Oooh! I have Breach, but haven't read it. I can't wait to see your review!

    Great job on the read-a-thon!

  3. Great job!! I'm supposed to read Born at Midnight this month.
    I see you are reading A Million Suns right now - that's one of my fave reads this year!

  4. Hope you feel better soon! Sunburns are no fun. Congratulations on your reading accomplishments.

  5. Congratulations on reading 4 books. This read-a-thon was definitely a lot of fun. :D