Tuesday, February 4, 2014

January Wrap Up

For the past year I've watched people among blogosphere and booktube wrap up their previous months when it comes to reading, set goals for the next and just talk and gush about all things bookish. I always love reading two of them especially: Amber's [Books of Amber] and Rachel & Jasprit's [The Reader's Den]. Edit: since I forgot to add the giveaway and poll, then these will be added in the next month's wrap up post with double amount of books to choose from. 

January reviews (click on the covers for the links)

Books read in total? The total amount of books I read in January is 20. A LOT, I know. For me it is, at least. I just kind of had the month off except for work, because I managed to do so well last semester that I had zero exams. Plus, three of the books I read were novellas which read extremely fast. February will be a lot more laid back for me.

Lowest and highest ratings were 4.9 and DNF. I gave 5.0 to Under the Never Sky when I re-read it, because I realized that I love absolutely everything about it (even though I gave 3.5 when I first read it.. yep, I don't know how that happened...), but since it's a re-read then it doesn't count in my eyes, so 4.9 it is.

Book boyfriend of the month is a tie between Perry and Roar. I just love them both equally and you cannot make me choose to save my life. The runner-up is Braden Carmichael which Aman totally approves of, I'm sure ;)

Love triangles? There was only one book that had a decent love triangle and that is Hallowed by Cynthia Hand where Christian Prescott *scowls* and Tucker Avery *beams* fight for Clara's heart. Other than that, there were books that held some love-triangely tension, but I wouldn't call them love triangles because the choice is very, very obvious.

What I'm planning on reading... I'm so bad with tbr-s, you have no idea. If I make a tbr, you can be certain that I won't read anything from the list. Though, since Nick is reading The Bone Season this month, I'm planning on reading it with her. Perhaps I'll join the Angelfall readalong with Aman and Janhvi. Perhaps I'll read Cress right away depending on how bad I need it after Scarlet. What's for certain though is that I will read Into the Still Blue BECAUSE. Because!!! I need it more than my next breath basically. So I'm definitely reading this pretty thing:

That's it for me on January. I think I'll take it slow this month, because it's the beginning of spring semester and my final one (hopefully) before I get my BA degree. I need to work on my thesis, finish the semester, graduate, go to work (hopefully more often than last fall), hopefully read some awesome books and hopefully blog without taking huge breaks. Anyhow, I have some questions for you, because I'm nosy like that and want to know :) ...

What were your favorite books last month? Any new book boyfriends I should know about? (Or any old crushes returning to the pages you were reading?) ;) How many books did you read? What are you planning on reading this month?


  1. Siiri I love reading recap posts, so I'm so glad to see that you've decided to post one too. Also the fact that I was on a blogging break last month, this post gives me the chance to catch up on all your reviews that I missed out on! And woah I thought I read quite a few books last month (14) but 20 is incredible, but I guess with a hectic few months coming up it's always great to get a head start. I hope February is a fantastic reading month for you!

  2. Roar <33 PERRY IS ARIA'S. Ahh, 20 books, that's amazing, Siiri! I don't think I read that many.

    Fabulous post! <33

  3. I absolutely enjoyed Into the Still Blue and I love me some Perry and Aria :) I love Roar as well! Excuse me?! Did you say you read 20 books? Teach me how to do that lol Seems you had a great month in books :) I hope you have a good one for February as well!

    Janina @ Synchronized Reading

  4. Yay for Perry and Roar being your book bfs! <3 I love those two although Roar pissed me off quite a bit in Into the Still Blue.
    You already know who my book bf is! THORNE! <3 Haha! I'm obsessed with him if you can't tell. I'm getting home tonight and reading it immediately.
    You read 20 books in January? WOW! That's amazing!
    I'm excited to read The Bone Season with you. I hear Warden is amazing! ;)

  5. Yeay for wrap-up posts! I completely neglected my January wrap-up, but I might do one together with February. 20 books, that is awesome!

  6. THE BONE SEASON SIIRI!!!!! PLEAAAAAAASEEEEEEEEEE read it! Of course now that I'm in full on begging mode you'll read it and greatly dislike it and never trust my recommendations again. Fail:) I hope you do like it though, I was absolutely fascinated by Warden and whether or not he was good, bad, or just both. I need to read Through the Ever Night and Into the Still Blue both, I'm hoping to get to those sometime soon. Perry and Roar for the win, my friend!

    1. Well someone seems to be happy haha. I hope we will both adore it and post rave reviews. Since we both loved Kiss the Sky and really enjoyed (I'm still enjoying) Scarlet, then I hope that me and Nick will me amazed by TBS after you, Lauren and Jasprit all loved. AND READ THROUGH THE EVER NIGHT JENNY!!!!!! :)

  7. I read 12 books, but 20 oh my goodness! Wish I did too totally, but my kindle broke and now I am stuck waiting for the new one :( great month though! I hope this one will be just as busy.

  8. 20 books in a month IS a lot! It's how much I used to read when I was on Mat leave. Now it's about 12-16. I have heard only great things about Into the Still Blue! I have to catch up on that series soon!

  9. WOAH you read twice as many as books as me, you did awesomely! I wish I could read that much lol. I need to read Under the Never Sky now that the verdict's out on the series and it's awesome. I do hope you'll read The Bone season, it's awesome!

    Jeann @ Happy Indulgence

  10. Woha girl you've read lots of books this month. That's amazing. I think I'm at 14 or something but I'm planing to speed it up in February because my exams end this week. :) Anyhow I need to read Under the Never Sky soon. I still haven't and everyone love that series. Also I might join you girls with The Bone Season. There are so many books that I want to read but I have no idea where to start. I'm so tempted to start with Ignite Me, but I don't dare to turn on my Kindle because that'll be the end of my studying. Great haul :)

  11. Great wrap-up! I actually want to start doing these too, and even have a post ready. I don't know why I'm waiting!
    Btw, I totally approve of the Perry and Roar love.

  12. Wow 20 books! That's amazing! Now you have to write reviews for every one of them, lol! I loved Under the Never Sky, in fact I was pleasantly surprised by how much I did because at the time a very popular reviewer/blogger really bashed it so I was expecting so much less. I hope you love Into the Still Blue as much as I did. This is the way to end a series. Great wrap up post, and good luck starting a new semester! :)