Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Weigh in Wednesday


Action/adventure vs. Romance

That's definitely a tough one. It's like asking me to choose only between love and amazing one-in-a-lifetime kind of experiences. Which could I choose? Which should I choose? I'm sorry, I cannot choose one. I love a great story spiced up with some romance and I love a romance spiced up with some adventure. I think there can't be one without the other, but if I had to choose.. I'd probably choose romance, because love itself is an adventure. However, I have to say it's such a tough cookie for me to crack right now that I can't prefer one to the other. The best stories are written about adventures and love together Cassandra Clare's, Jennifer L. Armentrout's, Wendy Higgins' etc (I think there are tons of YA books that have both and they're the most enjoyable to read). Even "Harry Potter" has some action when it comes to love and the attraction between the opposite genders. I think romance (alone) books could get tiredsome after a while (I mean.. How many times could I read different versions of "Pride and Prejudice" over and over againg?), but there're always possibilities with adventure books. At the same time, I'm a hopless romantic so I cannot possibly choose adventure/action over romance so I take the easy way out and say I cannot choose a winner here. I like my books all lovey-dovey packed with tears, fights, action, amazing discoveries and adventures beyond my wildest dreams.

Winner: no winner today, I like both.

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