Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Vote for Colt!!!!!!!

Hey, lovelies! I'm so pumped up for July since the annual YA Crush Tourney will have its winner of 2013. I'm sure Will Herondale's fans are furious about his loss last year and are bound to raise hell if he won't win this time around. Mwahahahhaa. I'm putting my money on him as I adore him as well and he'd be a great addition to Adrian and Jace to sit on the winner's throne. I wouldn't mind a black horse among the other contestants though. Anyhow, this year we have NA Crush Tourney as well and I have so many favorites of mine participating that I don't know who to choose. I will say this though that I need you guys to vote for Colt from Charade. He is beyond real, intense, loyal and amazing and I hope you have all read his book. If not, go get it! It's a cryfest with lots of butterflies-in-your-stomach moments:) You can vote for him tomorrow by clicking on this link. Oh, and would you like to see why I love him so much? Well, here's an excerpt for ya (it isn't spilery) ;-)

I run over to the shed. Each step I take I wonder what the hell I’m doing. This girl isn’t my problem. I played her little game with her and now it’s over. Still, I creep around the back of the small building and when I see her huddled on the ground, I don’t turn away.
“Hey…it’s me.” Fuck. She probably doesn’t just recognize my voice in the dark. “Colt.” I don’t want her to trip out. Something serious has happened to this girl. I don’t know who she is, but she’s not who I thought.
“Go away.”
I smirk. No matter what happens to her she still doesn’t have a problem being pissed at me. “Not gonna happen.”
 I bend down. I’m not sure if it’s the right thing to do or not, but I touch her shoulder. My hand starts to tremble from her. She’s shaking like fucking crazy. “Come on. Let’s get you out of here.” 

Another shiver wracks her whole body. It vibrates through me. Can she even walk? “I’m going to pick you up, okay? Don’t kick my ass.” I’m hoping for a laugh that I don’t get. She doesn’t tell me to go to hell either, so I figure I’m safe.
I scoop her up. Her shaky arms wrap around me. She buries her face in my neck. “Maybe you should kiss me. That way if anyone sees us they’ll think you want me too much, I had to carry you so I could get you alone faster.”
With that, I feel wetness on my throat. It’s not from her mouth. A little whimper sneaks out of her lips and she’s shaking in a different way now. She’s crying and somehow I know that’s a huge deal for her.
“I got you. We’re good. Let’s get you out of here.”
I sneak her out the back gate so we don’t run into anyone else. Adrian is already in his car, on the street. I manage to open the back door and get in without letting go of her. I don’t have time to wonder what I’m doing or why I feel okay doing it. I can’t do shit for anyone else in my life, but maybe I can help make this okay.
Adrian drives. Leaning forward I kiss the top of her head. I feel her shaking as she cries, but no sounds come out. She’s locked up so tight and I both respect her for protecting herself and want to set her free at the same time. “It’s okay. We’re good.”
“Home?” Adrian says from the driver’s seat.
He doesn’t ask what’s up and I don’t offer, mostly because I have no fucking clue. Just let him drive while she cries and I kiss her head like it’s a real fucking thing to do.

So you see, he is loyal, he cares even if he doesn't want to admit it and he is a great guy beneath that mask he carries and Chey just might be the one to make him drop the mask for real. :-)

I hope you all have a lovely day! I'll be home late today since I'll be spending time with my sister tonight, so I hope I won't be too tired to check out what you've been up to today. If not, I will do that tomorrow. If you didn't get the meaning of this random post already, then VOTE FOR COLT! :-)

PS. You can see my raving review of Charade by Nyrae Dawn here. Peace out, pumpkins!! Heh. ;-)

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