Monday, April 30, 2012

The Moreno Brothers Series

Elizabeth Reyes’ “The Moreno Brothers“ series is quite cliché, but a fast and enjoyable read. I didn’t think it would be necessary to make posts about each of the books from this series, so they’ll all be included in this one. There isn’t anything original about the series, but there are some entertaining characters, e.g. Romero & Alex, and intense situations (which are sometimes quite extreme). 

“Forever Mine“. Main characters are Sarah and Angel. Sarah’s Mom’s in prison and she has to move in with her aunt and go to a new school. She meets Angel – the handsome starplayer and captain of the football team. Everything goes well between them, but the sad thing is, that when the semester’s over, Sarah returns home and will move in with her best friend Sydney. But what Angel doesn’t know is that Sydney’s a guy. Any thoughts, what happens next? Probably everyone can put one and one together. Rate: 2/5

“Always been mine“. Main characters are Sarah’s cousin Valerie and Angel’s brother Alex. Alex’s a guy who hasn’t been in a relationship and Valerie isn’t looking for one. While Angel’s and Sarah’s relationship progresses, Alex and Valerie have fun together, make out etc, but neither admits that they have deeper feelings for each other. Things get more serious by time, but then Alex messes up. Pride is more important to Alex than Valerie and he doesn’t explani his actions to her. A year after the break up, they meet again. Alex is ready to apologise and take her back. Even though they find a way back to each other, there are a few bumps in the road: during their break up Val met a guy and things didn’t work out, but the guy’s obsessed and wants Alex and every other guy out of the picture, also, Valerie’s boss is in love with her, too. Knowing the nutorious temper of the Moreno brothers, it doesn’t take a huge IQ to realise, what will go down in this book. Rate: 3/5.

“Sweet Sofie“. Main characters are Sofia – the little sister of the Moreno brothers – and Eric – one of Angel’s best friends. Sofie has been tolerating her brothers’ controlling behaviour during her whole life and although boys cannot resist her, they stay away because they’re scared for their health and life. In this book, Eric and Sofie have been in love with each other for years, but cannot act on their feelings. It’s a friendship and admiration which grows into an irresistable love. Even though Eric’s like a brother to all the Morenos, the brothers do not take it easily that he’s in love with their little sister. However, they soon realise, that he’s serious about Sofia and give them their blessing. It seems like a happy ending, but there will be other obstacles in the way. Rate: 2,5/5. 

“Romero“. Like the name all ready says, one of the main characters is Romero and the other one’s Isabel. Romero’s Angel’s other best friend. He hasn’t been to college, he has a big mouth, he’s impulsive, charismatic, hotblooded and has his own small company which provides security, surveillance etc. Isabel, on the other hand, is a teacher, she’s smart, beautiful, neat and from a prestigious family. It’s obvious that Izzy’s family won’t approve this relationship, but her family’s not the only obstacle in the road – these two lovebirds are digging their grave themselves and not realising it until it’s too late. Rate: 2,5/5.

“Making you mine“. Main characters are the eldest brother of the Morenos – Sal – and a young and beautiful cook/coctail maker Grace. They have a small age difference, she’s pretty young, tho, Sal’s not that old – 25 if I remember correctly. Grace wants to become a cook in one of their restaurants and Sal’s interviewing her. Neither of them thinks it was a perfect interview, but Alex hires Grace and they are forced to work together. Neither if them admits they have feelings for each other and that they’d enjoy nothing more than to spend a day with each other. It’s probably because after the first impression Grace thinks that Sal’s just a jerk, Sal thinks Grace’s a liar and too young to cook well enough for the best restaurant in town. Even so everything works out great and they fall in love. Happy ending? Umm.. Unlikely, because Sal messes up more than his brothers, Eric and Romero all together. Rate: 3/5

Because I read them all in a short period of time, in the end I got tired, although, I didn’t read them in the right order. It’s a really fast and easy read. Great to read in a beach, though, I’m not sure that there are print copies available. I read them in e-book versions. My favorite characters were probabloy Alex, Valerie, Eric, Romero and Sal. Sydney, too.

Rate for the series: 2,5/5.

Reading order:
  1. “Forever Mine“
  2. “Always been mine“
  3. “Sweet Sofie“
  4. “Romero“
  5. “Making You Mine“

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