Friday, December 14, 2012

Top 3 Bookish Moments of November 2012

This is a little somthing I'll try to do every month, but I'm kind of chaotic with all of my memes so I apologize in advance, lol. Anyway, the title says it all, but in case you're still wondering what the post is about then.. Umm.. Yeah. I'll try to post my 3 book related moments of the previous month starting with November. PS. They're in a completely random order.

  1. Dual POVs.  Last month Richelle Mead and Jennifer L. Armentrout both announced that the next books in their series will be from dual point of views – Richelle's fourth installment of the Bloodlines Series, The Fiery Heart, will be from Sydney's as well as Adrian's POV and Jennifer will add Daemon's POV to Origin (Lux #4) in addition to Katy's. I'm so excited. I love both of these guys tremendously and couldn't be happier that they're included into telling the story to us.
  2. Reading Charade by Nyrae Dawn. This book was pretty much incredible! I enjoyed every minute of it and re-read almost half the book as soon as I'd finished it the first time, because I couldn't get those heart-wrenching and emotional parts out of my mind. A definite recommend! You can read my review here, my interview with the always lovely and talented Nyrae here and check out what songs made it to my playlist for Charade here.
  3. The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones finished filming. It feels like yesterday when I watched pictures from the first day on set and gosh, I just want to see that movie so bad!! I've watched the trailer probably more than 50 times by now and I'm still in awe of it. Does anyone know where I can get myself a time machine? I'm in desperate need of one. This better not be the end of the world this year, because there're lots of great books to be premiered on the big screen in 2013 in addition to TMI's first novel and I cannot. freaking. wait!

So yep, these are my top three bookish moments of this year's November. What are yours? Any highlights that happened last month? :)


  1. I want to read Charade so very bad. I have heard amazing things about Nyrae's novels and I heard this is the best yet. I enjoy dual POV's, I know a lot of people don't but I always like seeing the story from more than one perspective. Thanks for sharing, chickie!

  2. I have watched the trailer for The Mortal Instruments an embarrassing number of times Siiri. SO GOOD! I cannot wait to see it in its entirety, it looks like they've done a spectacular job with the adaptation, and I now have extraordinarily high hopes for it:) I still need to read Charade! Your review absolutely sold me on it, now I just need to find the time to pick it up. I'm thinking I'll have that time over the holidays:):)