Friday, August 10, 2012

Random rambling vol. 3, Onyx trailer, #TeamDaemonFTW

Holy.. !! There are three things I'd like to tell you that include the name 'Jennifer L. Armentrout':
  1. You know that YA Crush Tourney is wraping up at the moment and Adrian & Will are facing each other in the finale as we speak. Some of you probably know that Daemon from Jennifer's Lux series did a darn good job since he beat so many great characters and was beaten by Dimitri Belikov in the quarterfinals. Which, considering who beat him, isn't that bad at all. Anyway, Valerie from Stuck in Books was his advocate and did the most amazing job! She also held different competitions throughout Daemon's battles and I was lucky enough to be one of the winners of one of her bookmark giveaways. So guess what I dug out form my mailbox like two seconds ago? *squeels* I LOVE THEM! They're absolutely gorgeous! And I was thinking about re-reading Obsidian this weekend since I'll get to read Onyx soon and there is no better reason to start re-reading this fabulous book now, is there? Thank you so much, Valerie! Be sure to check out her blog and participate in her giveaways, she's got lots of them going on all the time. Also, her reviews are totally awesome and helpful. She's fantastic and I can only hope that next year she'll get to advocate for him again and I bet Daemon will make it even further then.
  2. Onyx trailer is finally out! And it's Hotttttttttt.. (yes, you're not seeing it wrong, hot with a capital H and as many t-s as you can count in your head). I like it even better then the trailer for Obsidian and I can't wait to read Onyx. Which leads me to my third point..
  3. My copy of Onyx was dispatched on Monday and I'll probably receive it by Wednesday next week (TBD ships max 10 days inside the borders of Europe). I'm so, so, so uberly excited. I've heard only great things about it and haven't seen a rating under 4 yet. Urgh, I want next week to come faster already!
Aren't they gorgeous? They're so pretty. Plus, purple's my favorite color ;)
I have a few more suprises on my sleeve, but I'm not going to state them now, because I want to be sure everything's going as planned. Oh, okay, I'm just too excited to keep this all to myself, so I'll give you a clue: I may have a little something for you to read pretty soon and I can't wait to find out myself :) Oh, and there was another thing that made me do a happy dance yesterday (omg, the end of this week just feels like heaven right now), but I'm not going to speak about it yet. I'll tell you when it's a done deal.

Oh, and finally, I'm hope to finish all the books (Delirium, Burn for Burn, Pushing Limits) I'm currently reading throughout this weekend and hopefully I'll be able to catch up with my reviews because as you can see I'm somewhat behind on writing them. Okay, if you've made it here, then thank you for reading this out-of-the-blue-rambling and I hope your weekend will be as fabulous as the end of this week has been for me! Love you, xx

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