Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Blogger Interview: The Daily Prophecy

Hiiiii, lovelies! This month is pretty darn special since 3 blogger interviews :) Today I have the pleasure to introduce one of the most wonderful and humble bloggers out there: Melanie from The Daily Prophecy. Everyone, meet Melanie! Melanie, meet everyone! :) What I knew about Melanie was that she's a fellow Captain Swan shipper, loves fairy tales and fantasy above all and is endlessly in love with Disney and Harry Potter. When editing her interview and reading through her answers, I discovered a lot more about her and I hope you will too :) Without further ado, here's the interview.


Name: Melanie, but Mel is just fine.
Age: *whispers* 23.
Origin: Netherlands!
Blog name: The Daily Prophecy.
Blog’s age: at this moment 2 years, 5 months and 9 days.
Favorite book of all time: Why are you doing this to me? I'm going to cheat and you can't stop me. Historical: The book thief. Fantasy: Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix. Fairytale: Tiger Lily. Adult: Daughter of the forest.


Siiri: Introduce yourselves in 140 characters or less.
Mel: I'm a passionate reader, a lover of fairytales and fantasy, a Disney fangirl (beauty and the beast!), a Potterhead, a book collector, a microbiology student, a gamer, a TV show and movie addict and a proud Dutchie.

Siiri: Beauty and the Beast ftw!!! :) And I love that we're both science nerds! Though I'd never have the courage to watch all those videos you talked about on twitter a few months ago. *shudders* I'll just stay true to chem and food ;) So, why did you start blogging? Have you changed a lot throughout it? What kind of advice would you have for people who are thinking about picking up blogging? Do you have any blogging inspirations who you look up to?
Mel: My blogging career started on Goodreads. After reading a couple of reviews I stumbled on some book blogs and before I knew it I had created my own space. I'm still happy I went for it, because after almost 2.5 years I still enjoy blogging. I definitely changed because of my blog. I have experienced things I wouldn't have without blogging. I started a book club (we have a meeting every month) and I'm much better with words now. Old reviews make me cringe and I can see how much I've grown. I also feel confident enough to write discussion posts and I'm not afraid to be personal in my blog posts. My advice would be: go for it. Do it for yourself, not for the stats/followers or free books. Do it because you love books and you want to talk about it. Don't listen to other people when they tell you what you should and shouldn't do. Do what feels good to you and make your blog your own. I get inspired by everyone. I think every blog is unique and everyone has something else to offer. I have my favorite bloggers of course, but I just want to thank everyone for being part of this community. You are all special.

Siiri: Heh! Goodreads happens to be the story of [almost]everyone's lives apparently. Heheee. I dislike reading really old reviews. They're just. Blahh. Progress is the key word here! One can never stop learning and developing one's skills. And yes! It wouldn't be the same in this community if it wasn't for all the bloggers. Everyone who tackles this journey and manages to do it more than a few months (since stress and responsibility) is a winner in my eyes. Are you an organized reader? Tell us a little bit about your blogging habits.
Mel: Yes and no. I have spreadsheets I make in Excel. I have an eARC/ARC schedule and I keep track of all the series I start and want to finish. I often post updates about that on my blog. Most of the times I read my review books on time, but I'm a mood reader and that gets in the way sometimes. I don't want to dislike a book just because I'm not in the mood for it. That's also the reason I read several books at the same time. I like being able to switch between genres. My blogging habits.. I have no schedule, I take notes while reading and I leave tons of comments on blogs throughout the day. I use Windows Live Writer and every time I think of some topic, I type those ideas down with some of the points I want to say and I save it as concept. When I feel like it, I will finish that post and then I send it to my blog.

Siiri: I used to read like 4-6 books at a time, but I found myself not picking up some of those books later on and they were just there.. sitting on my table.. being all lonely while my heart ached for not being able to pick them up. So now I just try to power through one book at a time or 3 at the most. Haaaa! I take notes too :') I have a review notebook that I use and I highlight and add notes on my kindle. that's pretty neat with WLW btw! What is your favorite and least favorite thing about blogging?
Mel: My favorite thing is of course the community. I love fangirling and discussing about books with people who love reading as much as I do. It's one of the reasons I started blogging. My least favorite thing is the drama. I don't like jealousy or being judgmental.

Siiri: Fangirling has legit never been so fun by my lonesome. I looooove fangirling with all of you :) How many books do you own and do you categorize them in some ways on your shelf?
Mel: My last count on Goodreads tells me: 602. It's not really up to date, but it's around that number. I used to have a system, but now I pile my books wherever I can. My shelves are full, so my room is filled with stacks of books and I'm even building a new collection in my boyfriend's apartment. What can I say.. I'm a book hoarder (and I'm not ashamed about it) Here you can see three of my shelves. I have a book wall, but I can't get a proper picture.

Siiri: *stares* YOUR SHELF IS GORGEOUS! I love that I spot so many of my favorites there! Btw, isn't that Julie Kagawa box set just the most gorgeous? I take it out from my shelf every now and then and just find myself petting it lol. I already know about your favorite genre, but do please tell everyone else and name some of your favorite authors :)
Mel: I would say that my two favorite genres are fantasy (preferred historical, high and epic) + fairytales and retellings. I love traveling to new places, magic and mythical creatures. It's great to be able to do things you can't do in real life and the best thing: MAPS. Fairytales just make me happy and I always like to read retellings to see the unique twists. Some of my favorite authors, let's see, I will write down the first names that pop up in my head: Juliet Marillier, Marissa Meyer, Sarah J. Maas, Leigh Bardugo, Robin LaFevers, Rae Carson, J.K Rowling, A.C Gaughen, Maria Snyder, Julie Kagawa, Philippa Gregory, Markus Heitz, George R.R Martin.

Siiri: MAPS ARE EVERYTHING!!!! I really, really need to get around reading some Rae Carson and Leigh Bardugo :) I’m a big shipper and I almost always ship a pairing in a book I’m reading. Do you have any OTPs? :D If so, why do you like these pairings so much? What makes them special?

These pairs are all special, because they are based on mutual respect. They embrace each other's personality and their flaws. They had time to develop and they are supportive for each other. They see the value from the other person. Sometimes there is some banter between them and this creates amazing chemistry. If there is one thing I hate in books it's when there is an unhealthy relationship. I really don't care for those 'tortured' souls who act like assholes, because of their haunted past. These are all heartwarming relationships.

Siiri: Scarlet and Wolf :') Ismae and Duval! CELAENA AND CHAOL. *dies of swoon* I've yet to discover everyone else except for Cinder ad Thorne which will probably never happen since Kai and Cinder, but I shipped that in Scarlet for sure ;) If you could have dinner with 5 authors/characters, dead or alive, who would they be and what would you ask each of them (without spoilers, of course)?

  • Juliet Marillier: I want to know if she is ever going to write a sequel to Heart's blood, because it's still pitched as part one. And if not I'm going to beg her if she wants to write one *puppy eyes*
  • J.K Rowling: and I'm not going to ask her anything. I'm just going to watch her in a non-creepy way, because I'm far too excited to talk.
  • Liesel from The book thief. We could talk about some of her favorite books and I would hug her, because if you've read the book you know she can use one.
  • Sturmhond and Thorne, because that would give the most awesome conversation ever.
  • Chaol, doesn't need any explanation I think?

Siiri: LOL! Nope, that last one does't need any explanations. Yeah? I can't wait to meet this Sturmhond everyone's so obsessed about. And JKR is a no-brainer. [Almost]Everyone wants to meet her :) Where can we find you when you’re not reading or blogging?
Mel:In my free time, I love gaming with my boyfriend, board games and computer games. We love to play shooting games and Lego games on the PS3. We also watch a lot of TV shows and movies. I also spend a lot of time with my family; they are very dear to me. I'm close with my mother, father, sister and grandparents. I used to study, but I'm going into my last school year, so I have no more tests.

This or that

Blogger or Wordpress? Blogger.
Facebook or Twitter? Twitter.
Physical books or e-books? They are both precious to me, but physical books will always win. I don't really own a book until I can put it on the shelf.
Contemporary or fantasy? FANTASY.
Music or no music? (while reading) Music. I love folk.
Triangle or no triangle? NO. Sometimes it works, most of the times it doesn't.
Insta-love or slow-burn? Slow-burn is the best, especially if there is banter.
Cliff hanger or no cliff hanger? NO. I prefer not.

3 random facts about you would be... 

  • I love to travel. I've seen some countries in Europe, but I can't wait to explore the world. If only I had the money right now.. The first thing I would love to see is Egypt and my dream vacation is Bora Bora.
  • I can read, talk and understand German on a basic level. I used to have the same with French, but I dropped it in school years ago and I'm out of practice. The teachers were horrible.
  • On May 3rd this year, I chopped my hair off to donate it for wigs for sick children. I 'lost' around 30 cm (I believe 11.8 inches) of my hair, but I had enough of it anyway (came to my hips) It was scary, because I've never had 'short' hair before.
Siiri: *laughs* I knew you'd pick fantasy and all caps hahaha. Same! As much as I love my kindle, I love petting a physical book; knowing and seeing it there on my shelf. Whoa! No one I know has ever expressed their desire to go to Bora Bora which sounds amazing! I hope you get the chace one day :) You're better with languages then I am then. I used to know basic Russian when I was still in HS, but not anymore. It's so different from Estonian and it's hard to remember any language when you're out of practice. That's what happened to me too. Gawwwd. I cannot even imagine cutting my hair off. You're brave, Mel! And I love how you donated it. You had done this once before, yeah? In any case, that's very honorable and generous.

And that's a wrap! Thank you so much, Mel, for answering these questions *hugs* I hope you guys enjoyed getting to know Melanie a little better. Are you as big of a fantasy junkie as she is? Do you ship the same ships? Did your blogging journey start out the same way? Let Mel know and let's give this adorable girl some love! :)


  1. *waves* Hello, Mel! I'm a huge fan of Beauty & the Beast, as well. And Ismae and Duval are the best, as is Sturmhond! Awesome interview, ladies!

  2. Thank you so much for having me Siiri! *hugs* I had a lovely time answering all the questions and reading your comments :D I know that Cinder/Kai is going to be a thing, but I love how Cinder changes around Thorne! That box set from the Iron Fey is gooooorgeous. I'm still happy my boyfriend got it for me <3 I think I read about 3 books at the same time too :) But there were times where I read 8 and I don't know how I did that, it's crazy, haha.

    1. *hugs back* I'm glad you had a great time. That's most def the #1 goal of mine next to introducing you all to each other :) Yeessss!! Cinder definitely changes into a more confident and brighter character when around Thorne! 8????!?? LOL. That's. WOW. That's A LOT!

  3. *waves* Hey Mel! I love your blog and it's so awesome to see you here too! XD Also: CELAENA AND CHAOL YES YES THEY ARE MY OTP TOO. And absolutely twitter over facebook. Hehe.

  4. *gasp* You are NOT 23! I thought you were 20 or something. You're ancient XD

    My old reviews are embarrassing. My first one was on The Hunger Games and then of Clockwork Angel. They're awful, but I refuse to delete them. "Do it for yourself." JAAAA.

    You already know my thoughts on Cinder/Thorne but OTPPPP.

    Sturmhond and Thorne in the same room would be epic. I ship it.

    Slow burn with banter is definitely the best thing ever.

    1. Oh my god, it let me comment. Miracles do happen!

    2. Hahaha, why thank you, I already feel old and now I'm ancient too :p I don't delete them either, I just hope most people don't read them anymore.

  5. "My shelves are full, so my room is filled with stacks of books and I'm even building a new collection in my boyfriend's apartment. What can I say.. I'm a book hoarder (and I'm not ashamed about it)"

    *high five* ME TOO MEL!!!! I'm a total book hoarder, I just can't bring myself to get rid of many of my books because I'm a HUGE re-reader. I like to go back and experience certain series again and again:)

    And I donated to Wigs for Kids this year too! Such a great organization, and while it's always scary to lose 12 inches of hair, I just have to remind myself it will keep on growing back:) *stares at short hair in mirror*

  6. Holy cow, I donated my hair too. I was last year, though. It hasn't grown out enough to do it again, yet. One of my sisters lives in a constant cycle of hair growth/hack off and donate. Seriously, she's done it like 5 or 6 times and she's only 19. Anyhoots, I love FANTASY too, and if that fantasy has a slow burn romance, I am a happy camper.

    Lovely interview, Siiri! Nice to meet you, Mel ;)

    1. That's amazing! I went with my sister and she donated her hair for the second time too :)

  7. This was awesome :) I love reading Mel's blog! My old reviews make me cringe as well. I've never really been a writer so I'm always criticizing myself about my reviews even now. And btw, your bookshelf is just amazing! Great interview Siiri and I love the answers Mel :)

    Janina @ Synchronized Reading

  8. I knew that Mel was amazing but after reading her favorites, well girl we need to fangirl often!! I mean The Book Thief *screams* I just love that one. Have you seen the movie? Sorry, sorry I'm blabbing now. Anyhow I have never donated my hair, but that's really amazing. LOL at reading old reviews. I usually forget about them and then someone likes one on Goodreads and I die a bit. But I must say Celaena & Chaol - that one rocks the show! Amazing interview, ladies :)

    1. SO MUCH LOVE for The book thief <3 The movie was amazing as well. It was much better than expected, because I was so scared they couldn't capture the beauty of the book.

  9. MEL! Lovely to see one of my other blogging favorites on your blog, Siiri.

    That favorite book question is one that I mentally cry when I see it, especially on friend requests on goodreads. I'm going to steal Mel's idea of picking genres. Tiger Lily and Harry Potter would certainly be on mine too.

    Okay, if Mel's 140 character description of herself was the whole interview I would still be satisfied in the fact that we're twins. Harry Potter, Disney, Fairytales, TV show and movie addict and most importantly books are the things I have in common with her. We also both discovered blogging through goodreads, which I swear is the case for like 99.9999 percent of people. I admit to stalking blogs before getting into blogging though. I really just wanted to be a part of the action though so when Mel's co-blogging opportunity came, it was perfect. Oh god, some of my old reviews are just the worst. I certainly went through a bad phase where my entire reviews were gifs O.o with captions. That's it.

    Mel, you're more organized than me. Though really, it wouldn't take much. As I'm sure many have noticed already, I'm the most random commenter. I may comment on every post you make for awhile, then disappear for a few days and come back to disappear again.There's honestly no reason to this, but I hope I'm getting better at it lol. Mel's bookshelf is also super pretty c: I do also see a lot of my favorites on it, like the Iron Fey series and Cruel Beauty. We really do have similar taste in books, judging from your list of authors Mel, c: Celaena/Chaol are everything. Think that's all that needs to be said on the topic, same goes for why Mel would like to have a little dinner with Chaol.

    Board games are so much fun c: Family game night was actually the best thing ever, I'd like to meet my 10 year old self again and tell her that. Also: LEGO GAMES. Omg, I feel a bit immature for playing them but they're actually just so much fun (: I don't even know why tbh.

    Mel.... I have found a difference between us [; Lol I'm definitely more of a fan of wordpress, but I suppose picking a favorite blogging platform would highly depend on which one you would use :P

    YES BORA BORA! I've been wanting to go there since I was 9. So far that obviously hasn't happened [; but it must. Those little huts on the crystal blue waters just look so enticing. Ughhh. I could really just leave now, I want to go so badly.

    Oooo Mel, vous parlez français? [; haha.

    Lovely interview! Loved learning more about you Mel

    1. HI TWIN! *waves*

      I think almost everyone started on Goodreads. You might be a random commenter, but you always leave the best comments :D Those Lego games are THE BEST. I can't stop playing them and I want to get them all, haha. I also have a Wordpress account as back-up and I definitely think I would like Wordpress more if I switch, but for now I like the fact that Blogspot is free.

  10. How lovely of you to donate your hair!

    So many of us bloggers have started bc of goodreads. I think it's really cool that it's such an open and engaging community. Thanks for the fun interview!

  11. It was great learning more about Mel. She made me giggle when she whispered her age. I usually cough. 40 *cough* something. Ha! My daughter donated to locks of love and it was very rewarding for her.

  12. It was a bit on the slow side and it had a lot of flaws, but I really enjoyed the overall story and concept :D

  13. Hi Mel! :D Yay for being a Potterhead and I'd love to meet JKR someday too. I also squealed for Tiger Lily. I haven't even started on the Throne of Glass series yet and I feel like I'm missing out on something so incredible. And your shelves!!! I recently updated my review archive and I stumbled upon some of my old reviews and now I'm nursing a headache. I felt like I've definitely improved on my writing and I'm proud of it because English is not my first language. Lovely knowing more about you, Mel, and thank you Siiri for featuring Mel! :)

  14. YAY Mel is so lovely and one of my favourite bloggers, so excited to see that you guys here on one blog! I'm so happy you are a Chaol shipper but when it comes to Cinder, my favourite is still Cinder and Kai. That is so lovely that you donated your hair, it must have been scary to chop it all off! Plus I'm pretty proud that our answer to the best/worst thing about blogging is pretty much the same (I swear we didn't talk beforehand)