Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Deserted Island

Today’s TTT is a very fun one. I love traveling and I love books so.. heh. While a deserted island isn’t my dream destination, it’d be a very adventurous experience with this cast of people I’ve selected, I’m sure. Let me know if you would pick the same ones or who did I miss!

 All links will take to the first book in the series.


Connor Cobalt. Honestly, I’d take him and no one else if it was possible, but since it’s supposed to be a top ten thing, then.. yea. Making a list. Anyhow, this guy right here would be everything I need and more on a deserted island (or anywhere else, tbh). He’s skilled in every single thing. You name something and he can do it. He’s not smart, no; he’s brilliant. He’s smokin’ hot and extremely caring, protective and thoughtful. I’d not miss a thing on an island with him there ;) bye, bye civilization!

Katniss Everdeen. This girl right here is a skilled, intelligent creature with dry humor. What’s not to love! I’d love her to teach me how to hunt. Doesn't hurt that she’d have us a meal ready in no time.

Christian Ozera. Well, besides his fire magic, he’s superfast, highly sarcastic and extremely good-looking. I say we have a great deal here. Plus, he can fight off supernatural monsters since his battle skills are freakin’ amazing. (Hint: read Shadow Kiss.)

Scarlet. I love cooking and this bad-a girl is one hell of a cook. I’d love to spend time with her and for her to teach me everything. When Katniss brings food to our camp, Scarlet will be the one making a delicious meal out of it. I'm not sure if these two would get along extremely well at first, but with a little work, they can become friends. RIGHT?


Hermione Granger. Why would I bring her? Um. Hello! I love Hermione! She’s super cute, and real, old and wonderful magic on a deserted island will be extremely useful. Who knows what’s hiding in all that crazy nature on that deserted island?! This girl is bound to be a great add to our team of eleven.

Perry. Well, hellllllo there, handsome! Perry is skilled in archery and in addition to being a great leader and his handsome looks, he’s also very loyal. And let’s not forget his senses. The guy has night vision and senses tempers. His help is very much appreciated. Also selfish reasons. I just love him so. *shrugs*

Janelle. Janelle doesn’t have supernatural skills, she isn’t a skilled fighter nor is she a handsome guy. Obviously. Duhh. But she is smart and someone who just needs to catch a break. So this is me, being a good friend and taking her with us on an unforgettable adventure. Because we're going to this deserted island by our own choice not because of some catastrophic whatever. Okay? I'd much rather prefer to be on top of things than by letting things flow by a chance.


Matt. A group always needs an entertainer, right? ;) Matt can sing and plays the guitar. Uh, yes please! Annnnd he’s cute as a button *grins*

Ismae. Ismae has a nose for herbs and potions which will come handy on a deserted island. She’s also an assassin. If we ever run into trouble with people trying to kill us (remember Lost?) and none of us want to get our hands dirty (yikes!), then Isame will look for the mark of Death and do the job. Plus, she’s awfully cute in her own way.

Liam. Sigh. Le Liam. He is so friendly, makes me laugh and is quite honestly an adorable guy with bright ideas and an adventurous soul. He shall come with us for sure.

Sooo this is my list. I’m not sure if it’s the perfect one, but I love all of these characters so I’m not complaining one bit about these ten people. I’d love to see your lists so if you have one, link it down below and I’ll step by :)

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  1. Okay, I love this list! Perry, Matt, Christian - YUM. They'd make excellent eye candy... and of course be of great assistance on the island. :P I'm glad I'm not the only one who chose Scarlet - girl is a little spitfire - and Ismae and Katniss are good choices too. :)

  2. I thought of Hermione and Katniss, too. I wish I'd thought of Isme. She was sure sharp and would really be a good one on a deserted island.

  3. I also add Hermione Granger to my TTT list this week as well. She seems to be popular this week as well with other bloggers!! I can't believe I forgot to include Ismae from Grave Mercy to my list!!

  4. Great list! I didn't even think of Ismae... Ooh Christian Ozera? Nice!

    My TTT

    Rachel @A Perfection Called Books

  5. OH I CAN JUST SEE THAT. Katniss and Scarlet?!! That would be the most epic showdown of wills ever. Silent showdown. I think they'd glare at each other a lot. XD Seriously, you will have a very entertaining time on this island of yours...can I come?

  6. I completely forgot about Christian Ozera, he's such an amazing character I loved him throughout the whole series. I chose both Katniss and Hermione, I just couldn't leave them down from my list, they both have skills that could definitely be useful. Scarlet is such an amazing choice, I'd have totally taken her if I hadn't taken two other characters from the Lunar Chronicles already.
    Great list! :)
    Here's mine: http://reading-is-dreaming-with-open-eyes.blogspot.hu/2014/07/top-ten-characters-i-would-want-with-me.html?

  7. you chose ISMAE OVER DUVAL? does this mean I can keep Duval? Pretty please???

    And Idk why you'd choose Christian over Dimka but to each their own, I guess :P This really has me thinking though... I don't do TTTs any more but who would I choose. I'd want someone who can cook too and I am pretty sure I know which person I would choose but then again, I am not completely sure. I'd want an assassin with me too and I know I'd pick Valek and he'd also function as a hot guy and I'd throw in Dimka just for the funsies.

    But then I'd need a couple of friends too. OMG this is so hard, Siiri.

    Also I totally approve of Perry. PERRY FTW.

    Okay I'll go now.
    And think about my life choices

    Rashika @ The Social Potato

    1. Oh I'm so going to read that series now!! Just to take them from you!! buhahahahhha ;)

  8. I adore your list! It's perfect in every way. I saw that you had done a TTT today and when I saw the topic I KNEW that Connor would be on there. (I also knew he would be your first pick!) I was actually expecting you not to have anyone else but Connor! :P
    Anyways, Connor is the perfect choice. He's pretty much wonderful at everything so you know that you would be safe. Also, all these YA paranormal and dystopian boys and girls would be essential for survival. Perry, especially! <3
    Ooh and you chose Christian! Very smart choice! ;) I approve although I would have liked to see Dimitri as well in there.
    If I could, I would take everyone for the His Fair Assassin series. I NEED them for ... uhum personal reasons (the guys) and to help keep me alive in case of attacks as well!
    This was a lot of fun to read, Siiri! :D

  9. Hermione Granger seems to be everyone's go-to gal for this week's top 10. I have no survival instincts, so I'd just take a bunch of hot men and hope for the best! ;)

  10. YES SIIRI!!! You've got some epic people on this list! I would definitely want people who could handle themselves in a survival situation with me because I possess absolutely zero skills that would actually help keep me alive. Also, I would definitely need eye candy, so yes to Perry and Liam and I'm sure Connor though I haven't met him yet. This was such a fun prompt:):)

  11. Firstly you'd totally take me and Rashika, but I guess you should grab some books on the way. Yay for Scarlet, I'd bring Cinder so we could read both ;)
    I JUST KNEW, REALLY I KNEW you'd take your Connor with you. I didn't have to open the post and there he is, on the first place no less. You can have him :D
    I'm so ashamed that I haven't read some of these though, Through the Ever Night for example, but I have heard so much about it.
    Great list, hon :)

  12. Yeah, these characters are great and I can honestly say I would be OK being stranded with them!

  13. These TTT are awesome Siiri! :D
    CONNOR! Definitely would be at the top of mine. With him you'd be more likely to survive on that deserted island way past the collapse of civilization. Though it doesn't hurt to have Katniss, that girl is resourceful and incredibly badass with her bow. Hermione... yes, she is a must.
    Caroline from Vampire Diaries would be one of mine, she's funny and would adds some bubbliness (is that even a word?) to the group. Not to mention, she's a vampire and that alone is pretty wicked.
    Unfortunately I don't know the others on your list, so looks like I have some reading to do!

  14. Gah! I didn't even think of Scarlet. That's awesome!! I'm loving your list today. :)

  15. Oh, Perry is the perfect pick! Handsome and used to roughing it. I like your choice of Hermione too. She's definitely a favorite of mine. Great list, Siiri!

  16. "I’d take him and no one else if it was possible."<-----LOL. I know I picked Connor based on your profile of him (and not personal knowledge), but you make me more and more curious . . . ;) AND I'd totally take Katniss and Scarlet too. But I'd also take Wolf, b/c he'd make sure Scarlet (and by default, myself) got off that island safely. 'Cause I don't want to be stuck on a desert island. No electricity on a desert island (which means my kindle would die after about 12 hours, and nobody wants that).

  17. Ah yes, Katniss, Hermoine and Christian would definitely be on my list as well! Although maybe I would swap out Christian for Dimitri ;) This is a great reminder to read Grave Mercy and Darkest Minds but alas, you know too much books and not enough time! Katniss is pretty much all you'd need actually, as she'd be able to hunt and basically survive on a deserted island. She can even sleep in trees and teach us to do the same.