Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Blogger Interview: Realm of Fiction

Hiiii, lovelies! As you all probably know, every month I try to feature one of my bookish friends who's a regular here on Little Pieces of Imagination and give them a shout-out for being all kinds of amazing! Since my regular readership (read: the people who comment quite often) has grown into a bigger group, I decided to pair you up in a random order and use a random choice to pick a pair for each month. We still won't make it by the end of this year unless I figure something else out, but anyways, that's how it is for now. This month I have two lovely UK bloggers all to myself for one day and I get to share their responses to these silly questions I've come up with.

Today I want to introduce Sam to you. *ahem* *grins* Everyone, meet Sam! Sam, meet everyone! She's the blogger behind a well-known blog Realm of Fiction. She's talented with words and her blog is just completely adorable, yet very professional. She always has kind words for everyone and *shrugs* what can I say, she's a rockstar!


Name: Sam
Origin: Britain
Blog name: Realm of Fiction
Blog’s age: 2.5 years
Favorite book of all time: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling


Siiri: Introduce yourselves in 140 characters or less.
Sam: I’m a Londoner, a music lover, a science enthusiast, and a girl who would really like to be allowed to live in a bookshop.

Siiri: *tries to hide her girl crush after that introduction* *ahem* Why did you start blogging? Have you changed a lot throughout it? What kind of advice would you have for people who are thinking about picking up blogging? Do you have any blogging inspirations who you look up to?
Sam: Goodreads was the spark for me. Before Goodreads, I had no idea I enjoyed talking about books so much – and to strangers, no less – and it was the first real platform I used to voice my opinions. From there, I discovered book blogs, and Heidi at Rainy Day Ramblings who suggested that I should start my own site. I simply thought, why not? I love to read, and a book blog seemed like the perfect place to document that.
I think, since starting, I’ve changed in two main ways; being more confident in my writing and reading more often and more widely. The only piece of advice I have for new bloggers is to keep in mind why you blog. If you blog for yourself, be confident enough to follow your own rules. There are hundreds of book blogs out there, and it can be easy to get caught up in trying to stand out or meet expectations. The most important thing is to have fun at every step.
There are SO many bloggers that I admire (I follow exactly 70 of them regularly), and I hate this question, because I can’t mention them all. But to name a few: Christina, Nick, Danielle, Amanda, Alexa, and the ladies who have inspired me from the very start, Maja, Heidi, Keertana, Rachel and Jasprit.

Siiri: And I thought I followed a lot of blogs! You're a champion, Sam! Are you an organized reader? Tell us a little bit about your blogging habits.
Sam: I am a fairly organised reader (sometimes to the point of obsession). I make myself lists, pay attention to release dates, and nearly always know what I plan to read next. Other times, I am a total mood-reader and will throw organisation out the window and read whatever I want whenever I want. When it comes to blogging, I definitely take this latter approach. I don’t plan ahead or schedule very often, and simply just post when I have something to post.

Siiri: This is where we differ since I plan almost next to nothing with reading (*waves* A mood reader alert!), but I schedule a lot. Can't really live without scheduling anymore. I admire both people though: the ones who schedule and the ones who don't. It takes a lot of work either way. What is your favorite and least favorite thing about blogging?
Sam: My favourite thing about blogging is BY FAR the other bloggers. The number of people in my life that read as much as I do is equal to zilch, and so, to have this whole community of passionate booklovers online is a real gift. I’ve met some incredible individuals through blogging, and have formed some invaluable friendships too. And let’s be frank, book people are the best people.
My least favourite thing about blogging is the formatting and coding. Does that count? Technically, I don’t always need to do this stuff, but I do it anyway for perfection’s sake, and I hate it with a passion. I can’t see the letters HTML without throwing daggers from my eyes.

Siiri: Bhahahaha! HTML is one of our worst enemies. But yes! The friendships we make are so worth all the stress that we may have to suffer and overcome. No question at that. How many books do you own and do you categorize them in some ways on your shelf?
Sam: More than I will ever have the energy to count! I have about twice as many ebooks too, which is a pretty scary thought. I used to categorise by genre and author, but now, it’s simply a case of double-stacking and squeezing thin paperbacks into every available space in any which orientation. One of these days, my bookshelves will collapse and there will be tears. Loud ones.

Siiri: Ahhh!! Double stacking is the worst! It has come to the point where I have to triple stack and seriously? It hurts to my very soul. Here's to hoping your shelf will live at least a few more years unless you decide to buy one before. What are your favorite genres and who are some of your favorite authors?
Sam: I like a lot of different genres – science fiction, romance, horror, paranormal fiction – but my go-to genre is definitely fantasy. Some of my favourite authors include Melina Marchetta, Elizabeth Wein, Leigh Bardugo, Markus Zusak, Laini Taylor, and since The Scorpio Races, Maggie Stiefvater.

Siiri: When I think about you (and Mel), I always think of fantasy and vice versa :) I’m a big shipper and I almost always ship a pairing in a book I’m reading. Do you have any OTPs? :D If so, why do you like these pairings so much? What makes them special?
Sam:Favourite question alert! Here are a few pairings that I love:

I am a big fan of romance in books, usually the slow and subtle kind, and all of the couples above have either made me grin, swoon, or die in anticipation. (Or all three.)

Siiri: Just when I thought I couldn't adore you any more, you point out 5 of some of my favorite ships! So in love with T&W, L&C (Cricket!!!), G&R, G&B (Gansey. Le sigh.), C&C (*swoons over Chaol*). Or all three indeed haha! Ok, so if you could have dinner with 5 authors/characters, dead or alive, who would they be and what would you ask each of them (without spoilers, of course)?

  • Mrs. Weasley. I’d ask her if she would like to adopt me.
  • Lucy Christopher. I’d ask her what a certain character from Stolen was doing now.
  • Sarah J. Maas. Simply: WHY?
  • Marie Lu. I’d ask her if there was ever a moment when she considered a different ending to the Legend trilogy.
  • Ronan Lynch. I wouldn’t ask him anything. I’d just stare at him in awe and wonder how he ever ended up having dinner with me.

Siiri: Except for Lucy Cristopher, since I haven't read her book yet, I'd love to meet all of these people. LOL @the SJM question haha. Ronan can be a tad intimidating, but I just love him so and I'd probably just stare with you, heh ;)

This or that

Blogger or Wordpress? Blogger, if only because I find it easier to use.
Facebook or Twitter? Twitter.
Physical books or e-books? Both!
Contemporary or fantasy? Fantasy.
Music or no music? (while reading) Music.
Triangle or no triangle? NO triangle. Ever. All triangles must die.
Insta-love or slow-burn? Slow-burn!
Cliff hanger or no cliff hanger? No cliffhanger. It is better for my health.

Siiri: I love that you chose music! *high five* Not a lot of people do, but I love it both ways. Depends on the book and the mood :)

3 random facts about you would be...

  • I have a snake phobia.
  • I am bilingual.
  • My second-greatest ambition in life is to visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I kid you not.

Siiri: YIKES! I hate all kinds of snakes and spiders and ugh.. *shudders* all kinds of bugs, actually. The other day last week, I went to a zoo in Riga, Latvia with my mom and sister. Really don't know what I was thinking going into a tropical house. AGAIN. Ew. That place was so grose. For me only though >.< Anyhooow, bilingual? Wow! I didn't know. What other language do you speak? It's always so fascinating to hear that people are bilingual and with different backgrounds and whatnot. Eeeep! YOU MUST GO THERE, SAM! Take all the pictures and show us. Pour jealousy all over us and give us all the HP feels :) I'm sure you'd love it there! Fingers crossed you can go there someday!

And that's a wrap, everyone! Thank you so much to Sam who was everlovely and took the challenge to answer these questions *hugs* I'm looking forward to sharing next interview with Amber, another UK friend of mine, next week and be sure to leave Sam some love :) 


  1. It's always so interesting to learn more about other bloggers, thanks for sharing the interview!

  2. Sam is amazing :) I'm also a reader who likes to make lists, but often I pick books up because of my mood. HTML and me.. we are sworn enemies, haha. Sometimes I manage to work with it, but most of the times looking at it makes me want to weep. Yeay to fantasy! Funny that you mentioned me out of the blue, Siiri! Chaol and Celaena shipper!

    I picked the same answer for This/That! I like slow-burn romance, cliff-hangers are bad for me and I always have music on the background when I read. I NEED to visit HP world to complete my life, haha.

  3. I really admire Sam as a blogger and her reviews are truly a work of art! I really enjoyed the interview as well, really lovely questions and answers. And yes, book people are the best people :)

  4. This was really awesome! Nice to *meet* you, Sam. x) 70 blogs though??!! Super blogger alert! And omg, I would ask Sarah J Maas the same thing...and also just stare at Ronan. But I think I'd be marginally terrified of him more than actually enjoying meeting him. lol That boy is craaaazy and awesome.

  5. YOU are a rockstar, Siiri. Thank you so much for interviewing me! I had a lot of fun answering the all questions. And totally honoured to be featured on your wonderful blog. :) *waves* to everyone else!

  6. Bahaha! I totally love Sam and her blog and I look up to her a lot. :) Friendships would definitely be my favorite part about blogging as well. :D Fantasy's my favorite genre as well. And... LOLA AND CRICKET. MUST SHIP. I want Mrs. Weasley to adopt me as well, please. We could be sisters then, Sam! MARIE LU ASDFGHJKL I would simply faint if I had the opportunity to meet her and talk to her up close and personal. :D

  7. SAM!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! Loved this interview, and I couldn't agree more with her pairings, particularly the below two:

    Chaol & Celaena from Throne of Glass
    Penryn & Raffe from Penryn & the End of Days

    Yes. Just yes. I still need to read The Rephaim and meet Gaby and Rafa, but I've heard such good things and know I'm going to love them as much as everyone else does.

    Keep this feature going Siiri, I love it so much:)

  8. I already knew Sam was all kinds of awesome, but this just gave so much more insight into her and made me realize how similar we are when it comes to books.
    I have trouble following the 20 or so blogs that I regularly follow, so I have to say, I'm in awe of you following 70+ blogs, Sam! I actually don't know how you do it. :)
    I'm with you! Book people are the best kind of people out there. I love how supportive most bloggers are of each other and I think I might actually have more online book friends than real friends. Sad, but I don't mind it one bit! :D
    I feel you about HTML! It's a pain, but it's also rather fascinating that you can do all these great things with these random codes. :)
    Sam has definitely got some great OTPs! Lola & Cricket, Raffe & Penryn, Gabby & Rafa, and Chaol & Cealena! So many OTP feels! :D
    I don't have a snake phobia as such but I despise them and I would much rather stay away from them. They are disgusting creatures along with crocodiles and alligators. *shudders*
    Also, I didn't know you were bilingual! I definitely want to know what other language it is you speak. :)

    Thanks for sharing this again, Siiri! :)

  9. I love the questions you ask and the answers are awesome :) Great interview Siiri!

  10. Yay!! These are so fun. Sam sounds awesome. HI SAM!! :)

  11. I knew that Sam will somehow put The Raven Boys there! :D I just knew it ;)) LOL you both girls are amazing and you both know how happy I'm to know you. This is such an amazing interview and I remember back in a time I started blogging and became Sam's friend on GoodReads I was in awe. I mean I'm still admiring her and the way she writes reviews is something truly beautiful. I love reading them and I really hope she will never stop. Great interview, ladies ;)

  12. Ah I also enjoy learning more about bloggers! I love this interview :)

  13. haha i bet visiting The Wizarding World of Harry Potter would be a lot of fun :D i love these, so much fun learning about other bloggers

  14. Oh yay! You're right, Siiri, Sam is fantastic! I love learning about other bloggers and loved seeing what she had to say.

    And Sam, I'm terrified of snakes too! And, we're giving our kids a trip to Orlando, FL for Christmas this year. I may never, never ever leave Harry Potter World. Ever.

  15. Thanks for the shout out, Sam! You've always been an inspiration for me as a blogger, too. I agree other bloggers are the best part of blogging because of the feedback, ideas and shared book feelings. There is no person who relates more to our book life than a fellow book lover/blogger. Love these couples too:

    Jonah & Taylor
    Blue and Gansey (they better kiss in the next book!)

    if you happen to corner Lucy Christopher I would also like to know what that couple is up to. Hopefully they've worked things out: TOGETHER! :)

    Great post ladies! I adore both of your blogs! :)

  16. No. 1 reason why I may or may not have a girl crush on Sam.. she makes lists for reading! :P I am a pretty organized reader too except when I throw it all out of the window. I mean with arcs I am organized to the boot but for other books, I usually decide a couple hours before that I want to read 'this' book.

    With blog posts though, I am never scheduled in advance. I mean I was when I was 'gone' but I usually schedule a review in the same week. Of course, since I do have a review schedule I kind of do have an idea what to post though :P I can be a little crazy though.

    I see 3 of my current ships are on your list, Sam :P Plus JONAH AND TAYLOR FTW.

    Also Rafa and Gaby better sort out their relationship (I so badly want to know what happened in the past!!!! I think I have an idea although I am not completely sure).


    (I am not going to mention Raffe and Penryn.. because.. they're too adorable together.. and idk :P)

    I actually have a general phobia of all things reptile and insects. I did hold a baby python in my hand once... they almost made me stand near the mouth but then they send me to the back when they saw how much I was squirming (I was 8 then or perhaps 7)

    thank you so much for sharing this interview with us you two! :D

    Rashika @ The Social Potato

  17. Fantastic interview. I adore Sam and her blogging style. It is such fun getting to know the blogger behind the blog. Great story on how you came to blog.

  18. Sam is one of my favorite bloggers! I really admire her professionalism and her eloquence. Her reviews are concise and to-the-point, but they really give you what you need to know about the book; but what I really admire about her is how sweet she is! She takes the time to respond to each and every comment - even though she gets so many! - and her replies are always meaningful and informative.

    Thanks for sharing Siiri! <3 You guys both rock! <33

    ~ Zoe @ The Infinite To-Read Shelf

  19. FABOULOUS interview, Siiri! I sniggered a LOT. And obviously fantasy is my go-to genre, so I share the love for almost all of the mentioned books/authors (and the "almost" part is only if I haven't read them yet). Oh, and I'm a TOTAL mood reader. I keep trying to stick to a schedule, but if I'm not feeling any of the books when their date rolls up, it's not happening . . . and so far . . . it hasn't happened, LOL. And I want to see the bookshelves that allow for triple stacking. I'm double-stacked, there's no more room, and I'm reduced to creating massive stacks of books behind doors and other random places . . .

  20. Omg, this entire interview just made my day. Two of my favorite bloggers chit chatting away. I love this feature, Siiri! Great questions, too. I first "met" Sam on Goodreads, where we vented about our love triangle woes, and now she has definitely become one of the bloggers I look up to the most. Her reviews are so well written, and she's so easy to chat with. I can't even believe she mentioned me and my baby blog self. *blushes*
    The list of OTPs is pretty much heaven. There are some I haven't met yet but will soon (Gaby & Rafa, Gansey & Blue), but Taylor & Jonah, Raffe & Penryn, and Lola & Cricket are some of my favorites. *Swoon*

    Thanks for this lovely interview, Siiri!

  21. I LOVE these interviews! I am learning so much from all of you, especially that Sam and I are BFFs when it comes to our favorite authors and the couples we like. Though I haven't read THRONE OF GLASS and I'm afraid of that series. But I'm with Siiri in being 100% a mood reader. I do try to stay on top of what I have to review, but I am very bad at making myself read something I don't want to pick up. Also, YAY for no love triangles. I LOVE your advice about blogging - do it for yourself and be confident in that. It IS easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing, feeling behind or like you're not doing enough. But being part of this community is wonderful. I always feel such warm fuzzies after reading these posts.