Wednesday, July 25, 2012

One Day

I haven't read the novel, therefore, I cannot express my thoughts on the movie vs. the novel topic and since it's a movie review, I guess I shouldn't do it anyway.

One Day is a story about an ordinary girl Emma and her handsome reckless best friend Dexter. They start a beautiful friendship and every year there's one day they get together (or not, but they call if they're apart from each other) and see where life has taken them during a whole year.

I really liked the consept and thought it was beautiful. I know it's based on a book, that's why everything from the book can't be in it, but as I said, I haven't read the novel so I can't comment on what scenes made it and which didn't and I'm not upset about anything related to the book. However, I can tell you that I'm in love with Jim Sturgess! He's absolutely amazing and I am in awe of him. He was one of the reasons I liked this movie.

I know all of this is supposed to take place in Scotland and I don't really get why Anne Hathaway was cast. I can't say anything bad about her, she's a wondeful actress and I loved her on the Devil Wears Prada, but it was ridiculous that it's a movie about British people and they cast an american. She's an A-lister, so maybe that's the reason. Who knows.. What bothered me the most about this movie was her Scottish accent which at times was there and then all of a sudden it's gone. It was funny and the more this went on, the more it bothered me.

The movie itself was emotional and entertaining. It was a tragic, sweet and emotional; about friendship, love and the ups & downs of life. I loved the ending. I was upset and sad, but it seemed accurate.

Oh, and I liked all the nature clips. It was stunning! I've been to UK once (London and Torquay for three weeks), but I haven't been to Scotland before. I'd like to someday, it seems beautiful!

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