Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Weigh in on Wednesday

Fairytale retelling vs. the original fairytale

I'm a huge fan of fairytales and I have so many fairytale books at home that I can't even count them by heart. I LOVE fairytales. All the princesses-princes stuff, good wins bad, happily ever afters –  I love all of it. However, I also love retellings. Well, okay! It depends. It's like with the music I listen to: I love originals, because they're originals, but every now and then there're songs that have great and awesome remixes. It's the same with fairytales: most of the time I'm for the original, but there are some books based on fairytales that have a great plot, great characters and great emotion in them.. So why not? But as I said, most of the time I enjoy originals more, so I think it's clear which one is this weeks winner.

Winner: the original fairytale

Weigh in Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Lauren at Epilogue Reviews.


  1. I actually think I like both equally...but the retellings wouldn't exit without the originals!

  2. Yep, you're totally right, you know :)