Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Weigh in Wednesday

Light Blog Backround vs. Dark Blog Backround

I, myself, have always used a light backround. Well.. Okay, I had a dark theme for my tumblr back in the day when I first started it, but it was for like two days or something like that, so yeah.. You can say that I like light backrounds more. In my opinion, they're a little easier on the eyes and more traditional. That being said, I have come across some pretty amazing dark themes (e.g. this one). The thing with dark themes is that you have to make the text stand out, but it can't be anything neon or too light and hmh.. You know what, I just like to desing things. I like the visual effect. Even when I was little I didn't like to draw. I'm pretty good at it, but not excellent. However, I love to color. I don't think I'm great or anythig but I consider myslelf better in coloring than drawing and I've gotten some great feedback on it. I just love to color. And I like to desing things (not like clothes or jewellery or anything like that, although I did draw some clothes and outfits at the back of my notebooks in the beginning of high school), e.g. when we were supposed to do a group presentation in high school, I was always the one to design the presentation or make the posters. I like to desing blogs, too and just to try out different things. What I've come to realize is that I prefer lighter backrounds to dark ones due to the fact that it's hard to design blogs with dark backrounds. It is! I love when they look simple, but stunning and I haven't found a way to do it myself so that I'd be pleased with the result. That's why I'll go with the light backround choice on this one, although I love dark backrounds when it's done beautifully. (I also think that it depends on the mood: it's fun to change things up and I'll probably go with a dark backround for a change as well someday)

Winner: light blog backround

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  1. Great answer! I definitely have to go with the white background as well. And yes!!! Agreed <3 It is definitely more traditional. I also just feel like lighter backgrounds are slightly more optimistic XD

    Vivi's Weigh-in!

  2. I couldn't agree with you more.. I have seen cool dark and light backgrounds.
    My Weigh in Wednesday

  3. Yeah, I also think that lighter ones are more optimistic :) however, if a dark one is well-designed, it can be really beautiful as well :)

  4. I like colorful blogs whether they're light colors or dark as long as it's easy to read. :D

  5. I wish I knew more about blog design...but I definitely think your white background looks great!

  6. Well, thank you :) I'm a sucker for simple themes, I don't like them over designed. The only thing I think I should change at the moment is my text size, I'm thinking about it, but I'll have to see how it turns out :)