Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite TV Shows

Hii, lovelies! Today's TTT is something I'm thoroughly excited to see. I have two big loves in addition to reading: music and tv shows. Yep, no reason to deny that I'm a tiny bit obsessed with my favorite shows. I'm always up to watching more of them and I really need to drop some *glares at PLL and TVD* Since music is so much harder to narrow down to ten, I chose TV shows. Let's see if we have any in common :)

10. The Challenge

Okay, so perhaps you're not a fan of reality TV. I don't watch that many reality TV shows, but this show is just super entertaining! I love watching the drama unroll on this show, love the challenges these guys have to put themselves through, the alliances, power plays, the backstabbing, the pranks, the relationships (Still not over CT and Diem breaking up. Probably never will be. Le sigh.) and nothing is better than discussing with a good friend *waves to Becca*

9. Castle

I'm late to this party considering that I started watching this only.. well, 2 months ago. I've known about it for years of course, but didn't think it was for me. After seeing an episode on TV, I found myself in front of the TV every night 7pm that week and devoured season 5 in 2 weeks and voilà! Hooked I was. Watched season 6 in 3 days and am thoroughly excited about season 7. Won't watch the older seasons right now, but maybe someday. I adore the humor and quirky twists. Some of the crime arcs are predictable, but I still adore them. They're so awesome! The ninja storyline is one of my favorites ever since Castle and his obsessions with everything other than rational explanations lol. Kate and Castle are just totes adorable. Also, Ryan and Esposito's bromance is just the best! 

8. Arrow

Arrow has a great flawed superhero, kick-a female characters, Olicity (Hello, my Arrow OTP!), plot twists, painful character deaths, subtle humor and a tiny bit of mystery? Well, if that doesn't convince you then perhaps this will (because there's a LOT *of that* going on in this show)

7. Scandal

Allllllright, I hate Fitz. I hate Olivia. I hate Jake. I hate Mellie. I hate Cyrus. I hate Olivia's parents. I hate Fitz's dad so freakin' bad. I hate Huck. I hate Quinn. I love Charlie. Actually, I love everyone else as well. Except Fitz's dad and well.. Fitz. Most of the days I hate Fitz. Though there are moments. Idk. I hate all of these characters, but at the same time I love [almost] allof them to no lengths. Discussing it with Jasprit, Aman and Rashika is simply awesome. This show takes plot twisty to a whole anotehr level and you never know what's coming (OH GAWD THAT SEASON 3 FINALE! LE GASP x infinity). Even though Liv annoys me to no end lately and I ship a ship that's been doomed from the start, I DO NOT CARE. Me loves this show. Me loves my gladiators.

6. Revenge

Um, yes. Season 1 was all kinds of epic. Season 2 sucked bad and season 3 was once again back on track. One of the best season finales I've ever seen and totally gasp-worthy. My ship is forever dead and I don't know how to go on from here *starts sobbig* Ugh. It's so frustrating, but I love the feels. I just love them. I want to bitch-slap Daniel Grayson so hard, laugh at Victoria's face when she gets what's coming for her, have Nolan get his HEA and Emily to finally get some peace. The ride to that place will be all kinds of painful, but point me to the direction of the nearest train station because I'm ready to get on the train to Crazyville. Shit is about to go down and I'm ready. Also, it has one of my favorite friendships ever: Nolan and Emily always bring me feels. Always. Theirs is the kind of friendships you want to have yourself.

5. Gilmore Girls

A small-town tale? An amazing mother-daughter friendship? Lots and lots of rumors? Epic love stories? Hilarious awkward moments? Super fun episodes? Character growth? Great actors? What more could one ask for? Seriously one of the best, sweetest and most humble tv shows I've ever seen. Yet to watch the final two seasons since I got into a slump, but whatevs. Doesn't change the fact that everyone should watch this because sarcasm and humor. 

4. Grey's Anatomy

Since season 1 this has been epic and more epic upon the usual epic. It's a show where I love every single character, the humor, the quirky friendships, the drama, the tears, the twists--just everything. Christina and Meredith's friendship is so freakin' inspiring and add Alex to the mix.. I can't even. I love these people. They're my people (pun intended). And I miss Lexi and Mark terribly. Oh gawd. I'm getting teary eyed. Just thinking about that scene in the forest *blinks 'em tears away* My OTP just.. yeah. I'm very excited about next season even though Sandra Oh left. She was by far my favorite character, but I'm certain that Shonda has a thousand twists for us to make us and the character go through hell and back before we get our cheesy epilogue with a fluffy, gorgeous and well-deserved finale of finales. 

3. One Tree Hill

You guys. You. Guys!!! I devoured all 9 seasons in 2 months. It was just everything and more. The complexity and depth in every character, the relationships and redemption? The fact that a character I despised so much at first became one of my favorite characters in TV history? (Brooke Davis, I'm looking at you.) The bromance between Lucas and Nathan? I just love everything about this show. My OTP is Naley and forever will be on this show because they are the true meaning of opposites attract and I love it. I love the passion that drives every single character on this show and it's most definitely one you should have watched by now. Here's some epic Naley kissing for you:

2. Once Upon a Time

Um, okay. So I used to think that this show wasn't for me. Boyyyy was I ever wrong. It's amazing! The characters, the fairy tales, the retellings, the twists, the ships. MY GAWD THE SHIPS!! #CaptainSwan is basically my life when it comes to this show. I love that the villains are so complex and not one-dimensional. Excpet for Cora whom I thoroughly disliked and was bored with. The number 2 in front of the title should be a clear indication for you all to start watching it. ASAP! You wouldn't want to miss this epic pirate also known as I-need-to-fan-myself-constantly-during-his-scenes on your tv screen:

1. Teen Wolf

Was there seriously someone who knows me and didn't guess that this would be the number one choice? *grins* I cannot seem to shut up about it. Stiles and Scott's bromance is EVERYTHING. STILES IS EVERYTHING. Dylan O'Brien is just. Sigh. No words needed. Absolutely brilliant and has no limits whatsoever. There are kick-a girls, *ahem* *waves to Kira, Lydia, Malia and Allison* mythology (Hello there, season three and Japanese mythology), plot twists upon more plot twists and humor and sarcasm and Stiles and amazing friendships and exciting romances and awesome villains you just love to hate and and and the parents are so present and involved in everything and.. This show is basically my life. Oops. SORRY, NOT SORRY, 'KAY. I just love it so. There are no words to express how much I'm obsessed with Teen Wolf and seriously, you guys! If you watch the pilot and you think it's complete BS like I thought when I first tried it three summers ago? Well.. just read the recap on wikipedia (or push through the 13 episodes since Stiles' one-liners) and jump into season 2 which is where the real awesomeness starts. Everyone needs to start watching this show RIGHT. NOW

Honorable mentions

My Kitchen Rules, So You Think You Can Dance, Hit the Floor, Witches of East End, Reign, The 100, Charmed, Beauty and the Beast, Friends, Nikita, The Originals. At one point I've watched all of these or am still watching some of these. Told you I watch a lot of shows :)

And that's it. Was my fangirling too bad? I hope I didn't scare you away. In all honesty though, the top three are must-watch for everyone! Do you have any great shows to recommend me? I'm thinking about starting Orphan Black and Orange is the New Black. I started Under the Dome a few weeks ago, but watch it irregularly whenever it's on TV. Anyhow, let me know about your favorite shows and ships and everything slightly fangirl-worthy :)

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  1. Grey's Anatomy is my all-time favorite show! I love it so much (though I'm behind on this last season--must catch up). A few of these, like One Tree Hill, Once Upon a Time, and Arrow, I started but never stuck with. I want to try a few of them again. Great list! :)

    My TTT

  2. OLICITY! The last episode of the latest season totally wrecked me because I think they were going to be together at last but all my hopes were dashed in just like 3 minutes. Haha! I love Revenge too. But I think they should've stop while they're still in Season 1. I don't mind watching more Revenge though. I am so behind on Grey's Anatomy and OUaT. I think it's time for me to finally catch up.

    I totally recommend Grimm, Reign, Sherlock and Game of Thrones. I am seriously addicted to TV as well. Heh.

  3. I have Grey's Anatomy and Gilmore Girls on my list as well. Grey's is one that I've been watching since it started and though it has had some pretty unbelievable story arcs in it, I just can't stop watching. Gilmore Girls is so real and funny and just awesome in so many ways - I kind of watch to rewatch it for like the 10th time now.

  4. I like how you fangirl over them, especially Teen Wolf lol :), I ship couples all the time as well and I can't get how some people don't care about the ships, the ships are important. I love Castle too, I didn't watch all the episodes but a great amount of them on television. I'll start Revenge soon, I'm really looking forward to it but if it's true that season 2 sucks I'm not sure I'll be able not to give up on it.
    My TTT: http://www.reading-is-dreaming-with-open-eyes.blogspot.hu/2014/07/top-ten-favorite-tv-shows.html#more

  5. SO. MUCH, FANGIRLING. Okay, okay, okay, let's begin:

    ARROW! OMG. This show, dude. This. Show. Stephen Amwell is perfection and Olicity needs to happen now and WHY is Laurel still even alive? Seriously. Most boring and pointless character ever. Go away, Laurel, you can't sit with us!

    One Tree Hill! Oh, man. I miss this show so bad!!! It was amazingly awesome. The last series though . . . such a letdown. It lost the spark! I actually think Lucas and Peyton leaving was the worst thing to happen. Brooke & Julian though <3 love them.
    Side note for the older episodes: that ep with Jimmy and the shooting? How sad was that? He lost all his friends, even Mouth! And then when Mouth got him in the yearbook and gave it to Jimmy's mum? THE FEELS.

    OUAT. Well, you know my recent obsession with this show. IT'S YOUR FAULT. Captain Swan feels are everywhere next season (well, they BETTER be). Regina and her guy though!! Dammit, Emma, you and your mum need to stop screwing up Regina's life!

    AND TEEN WOLF. Saved the best for last because ahhhhhhhhh. Stiles. Stiles. And, oh, uhm, STILES. I' also loving how focused this season is on kick-ass ladies. And uhm, I'm kind of glad Alison is gone? I thought the show would be missing something without her, but I actually think it's in a better place. Her leaving has paved the way for a lot of new characters and some great development for or old faves.
    I agree the first episode was a little 'blah' but then it gets better with EVERY ep and soon it becomes your entire life lol. WOLF PACK FOREVER, MAN <3
    (Cannot wait to see Dylan in the Maze Runner. It'll be epic!)

  6. OKAY OKAY! I need to watch Teen Wolf. LIKE I REALLY REALLY NEED TO. I've watched 2 episodes aaages ago I think, but I didn't really understand the need that is tv series obsession. (I learnt that after I like watched all 9 seasons of Supernatural in a few months.) I also want to try OUAT. Okay! I need to try basically everything. XD What have I seen? Sherlock and Supernatural...hehe, I have catching up to do.
    My TTT!

  7. I must agree with your top 2. I love season 2 and 3 of Teen Wolf especially, though season 4 has been a little meh for me and I miss a lot of the characters! OUAT! I am all caught up on that and I do adore it, it's a lot of fun and very creative. HOOK <33

  8. I don't watch a lot of English TV shows (or TV shows in general), so I can't relate..... </3 *goes off the the corner of shame*

    I WILL CONTINUE OUAT SOMEDAY, OKAY? And then I'll fangirl about Hook with you, I swear!

  9. Oh many great ones there! I didn't know the first one because we don't have that in France but I loved some of the others. I think the only one I didn't like was Teen Wolf and I haven't tried Scandal but it's in French right now on the TV. Maybe I should try to see how it is.

  10. Goddamnit! I just sat here making googly eyes at that Hook gif for minutes before realizing what I creeper I am. But seriously, that man is just so beautiful. I'm so jealous of his wife (She's super pretty too - Their babies are going to be beaut...woops, there I go again, being big creeper!)! *CRIES* WHY? WHY? Why does every celebrity I have a HUGE crush on seem to be in a relationship?
    Anyways, I love the villains on OUaT too! Especially Regina. Hated Cora. She's such a nuisance and a boring one at that! I still haven't gotten Captain Swan feels yet, but it's starting! I can feel it coming! :D

    Ha!! I knew Teen Wolf would be your number one choice! :D I promise I'm going to try and catch up before the end of summer.

    Also, I need to give Scandal a shot! Probably after I finish watching The Good Wife. Everyone and their mother raves about that show, so I think I'm going to like it very much.

    Grey's Anatomy though. I used to like that show, but it needs to end. It's gone on and on for too long now and the drama has gotten a little frustrating. TBH I lost hope on the show when George passed away. :(

    3rd season of Revenge is good you say? I loved the first season, but the second one sucked and I gave up on the show. Looks like I must get back to it.

    I approve of the fangirling in this post! :D


    *scrolls up to stare and lust after Hook*

  11. I love Grey's Anatomy, One Tree Hill and Revenge! I haven't watched Arrow or Scandal yet but I hope to eventually :)

  12. Ryan and Esposito are the ship to ship :P But you know why I don't watch the show. THEY KILLED MY FAVORITE CHARACTER *cries*

    I may just start watching Arrow though, I've had my eye on that one for a while and now that I am almost caught up on all my shows, I think I have room to start new tv shows! :D

    I have to completely agree, Scandal takes plot twists to a whole new level and you know what makes them good? THEY AREN'T RANDOM. They don't come out of NOWHERE. They surprise you but the writers put enough hints that they aren't random and thats just what makes them fabulous! I hate almost all the characters except Huck and David and a handful of others but my poor Harrison. He won't be on the show any longer. He was my favorite character and it kind of sucks :/ I am not going to judge the character by the actions of the actor so yeah .-.

    And I need to catch up on the last two episodes of Teen Wolf. WILL DO THAT SOON!

    Fantastic List, SIIRI! :D You worked hard :P :D

    Rashika @ The Social Potato

  13. Gilmore Girls & Grey's Anatomy! Loved those shows when I was in high school/undergrad (sort of stopped watching GA a few seasons ago, the stress outweighed the fluff for me). I also watched a bit of Arrow and found that I rather enjoyed it! (though my favourite adaptation of Green Arrow is still from Smallville, though Justin Hartley & the way they wrote the character was pitch perfect :))

    My TTT

  14. I've just recently gotten hooked on Teen Wolf Siiri and have the whole first season on my iPad. I'm about 6 episodes in and can't wait to get caught up on the other seasons as well. SO GOOD! And OMG Derek. Yes please and thank you. AND YES TO OLIVER AND FELICITY!!! I want them together so bad!!! They need to be together. Seriously. One of these days it will happen Siiri, one of these days:)

  15. Dammit. I had a comment full of much squeeing and flailing and it got eaten. FAIL!

    Basically I was all OMG Derek from Teen Wolf. YES PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!! That man is delicious. And and huge yes as well to Oliver and Felicity. YES SIIRI!!! I need them to be together, they're adorable and need to love one another immediately. IMMEDIATELY! One day it will happen, I just know it:)

  16. OH wait. It didn't get eaten. So now I've left three comments. Awesome.

  17. Siiri seriously I wish I was as organised as you were to watching TV shows, there are so many on here that I still need to start and I can't wait, such as Revenge, One Tree Hill and Grey's Anatomy. I've finally started watching Once Upon A Time and I wish that I had listened to a lot more sooner, this show is epic and I'm only on episode 3!! And I love how hooked I have you and Rashika on Scandal! I can't wait to discuss this show with you in a bit! x

  18. I used to watch TV, Siiri. Now I always have my nose stuck in a book and besides watching the endless re-runs of Modern Familh my husband loves while I cook dinne (they really are super funny) I hardly watch. Greys Anatomy used to be a favorite but it started getting weird and I lost interest . I have watched a few Once Upon a Time and was intrigued. Great post! :)

  19. You amaze me with your TV show watching! I only have time to either read or watch TV, so I've chosen the former. I also tend to get bored with TV shows after 2 seasons. I like books because they have solid ends, TV just drags out the drama. Anyway, I love Gilmore Girls - I've probably seen most of that series. I watched Once for a while but got bored. Castle I watch on and off, and I like that it's a show where you can jump into episodes, though there is also a broader storyline continuing. I also enjoy sitcoms like Modern Family, which are funny and also easy to jump in and out of. Great post!

  20. Greys and One Tree hill (for me before Lucas and Peyton... couldn't get into the ones after that) are shows I love too. I need to try teen wolf, its been on a lot of lists

  21. Oh but of course Teen Woolf is first and I still haven't started it yet (yes, you're free to come and kick my ass whenever you wish). But really I know it's amazing and I'll get to it. But I have seen the first season of OUaT so it's something. I hope to watch new episodes soon. I liked Gray Anatomy too and One Three Hill. All in all great list Siiri :)

  22. It looks like Teen Wolf is winning the day. Lots of people have it on their list today. It's my favorite show currently airing on tv.

    My TTT

  23. Once upon a time: you picked well, Captain Swan is the best team ;) That guy *swoon* and sometimes he has those sad looks on his face and I just want to hug him. I can't wait for season 4 to get started, Frozen!


  24. Fun topic! I used to LOVE Grey's Anatomy so hard. But after the original cast started breaking up, I was out. I liked OUAT too, but lost interest.

    My favorite shows, other than SoA and Modern Family, are on HBO. I love love love Girls! And The Leftovers.

    Thanks for the fun post, Siiri!

  25. I LOVE YOU FOR MENTIONED CT AND DIEM. OMG. I was crazy about them!!! It was my favorite season. They were just so cute together, and when she takes off her wig for him??? Why can't this be like the books we read and they live HEA, damn it?! It needs to happen.

    Also, I was obsessed with One Tree Hill in high school. Loved Nathan and Hayley. I was totes Team Brooke when it came to Lucas, though. :D


    I knew about Revenge! Ahhh that season finale though LIKE WHAT EVEN WAS THAT?!?! Like omfg I couldn't even barely comprehend that plot twist, most definitely didn't see it coming. I'm guessing you shipped Daniel with Emily?? Haha I can see that being the one ship that definitely sunk :P Can't stand Daniel now omfg, what total and utter jerk (for lack of a better word) and I hope he gets what's coming for him. So glad Conrad is out of the picture, now we just need Victoria gone. Though a little part of me does enjoy seeing her evilness. YASSSSS, Nolan and Emily's friendship is the best thing ever. They're both awesome on their own, but put them together and boom. Pure awesomeness.

    Teen Wolf is awesome (: Season two was definitely my favorite though! Last one was pretty good too though c: The first season was okay, I mean it introduced me to the show but was pretty campy :P The latest series is hmmm, I'm not sure?? Not in far enough to get an opinion. Though the Mute dude O.o Wtf that dude is so creepy ahhh.

    I do miss Jackson, Allison and Issac though </33 I can't stand Malia. She just annoys me. Lydia and Kira are waaaay better strong female characters in my view c: I love both of them and their quirks and humor. Lydia's intellect is amazing. Stiles and Scott of course still have that bromance which is awesome (: They're going to be best friends forever and always okay. Stiles is adorable and the last season killed me with feels with the whole Nogitsune thing. Hehe you forgot to mention Coach Finstock [; Haha his comedic relief is the best.

  27. DUDE. Castle is the BEST. I really don't watch much TV unless I'm bingeing on Netflix, but Castle I make an exception for. Justified on FX is pretty awesome too. I have all seasons of Gilmore Girls too. I love Gilmore Girls. I want to watch Gilmore Girls. Right now. Bye now.

  28. Teen Wolf makes me roll my eyes a lot of times, but I still love it. :D Even if only for Stiles and Scott and the bromance feels. And Gilmore Girls! Big fan. It's up there with Friends and Veronica Mars for me. I don't watch much TV these days, but my favourite shows are Doctor Who, Sherlock and Game of Thrones. I've heard a lot about Scandal and really need to check it out one of these days!

  29. I miss Gilmore Girls -hard. Loved that quirky show. We do watch Castle. I also love Doctor Who, Masterpiece Mystery, Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock, NCIS, Perception, The Bridge, Under the Dome, and many more.

  30. I don't watch tv but I do wait for seasons to go on netflix so i can binge watch them. The ones I watch are Arrow, Nikita and Hart of Dixie.