Thursday, March 8, 2012

Agnes Obel

So, I bet some of you already know about a wonderful and beautiful Danish singer (and songwriter) Agnes Obel. If you don't, I recommend (read: order) you to check out some of her songs. I found out about her after watching an episode of "Revenge" (an awesome show by the way, not a single episode has disappointed me so far) where her song "Riverside" was playing on the backround. Also, it was on the show "Ringer" which is a pretty awesome show, too. It's one of the most beautiful melodies I've heard recently, so calming and it just haunts me for days. Well, it did at least.

Oh, and I LOVE her accent.

So I know just two songs from her at the moment (aside from "Riverside" I've also listened to "Avenue"), but I will definitely listen to some of her other songs when I have time, and notice that I say when not if, because I do want to find out what other beautiful stuff this woman has in her repertory.

So, I promised some facts about the artists, right? I think I won't be consistant with these, because I really don't have time to check every artist's backrounds, but I checked out some things about this wonderful lady over here. Here we go:
  • She's inspired by such classic French composers as Debussy and Ravel (by the way, I love Ravel's "Bolero", it's such a powerful piece of art) and enjoys the poetry of Edgar Allan Poe and also loves some Hitchcock
  • She has won several awards, one of them is European Border Breakers Award (in 2011) which is given to an artist who's been successful not only in one's country but also across the Europe
  • She knows how to play the piano and she's also familiar with the bass guitar
  • At the moment she lives in Berlin

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